What is Imunify 360?

Imunify 360 concept It describes a safety net designed by the Linux processor. Imunify 360 It ensures the safe use of the server and also provides data cleaning.

Although it has been developed in line with the needs of some hosting companies with a high need for security, it gives effective results if used. For this reason, it is recommended as one of the best safety nets in the industry.

It builds a strong wall against possible malware or viruses designed for information access, as it has Proactive Defense Technology in the design process. In this way, it is known as the best alternative service of recent times for those who prioritize security.

What are the Advantages of Imunify 360?

Imunify 360 advantages When examined in terms of usage and security measures, it is listed as follows:

  • It ensures that maliciously designed software is detected and destroyed before an attack is carried out.
  • Since it has an analysis feature for the performed and planned attacks, it calculates the other possible attacks mechanically and conducts a preventive work for this.
  • Through the investigation of malicious attacks carried out not only in its own field but also in different countries, it ensures that the current risk situations are detected and prevented before they occur.
  • Although it does not cause any performance degradation in the servers, it determines the current frequencies of the servers and provides an appropriate operation.
  • Imunify 360 In addition to most of the attacks, it is known to be protective against discrediting methods not found in other security plugins. Therefore, the quality of the site will always be maintained.

How to Define Imunify 360 Features?

Imunify 360 features It is primarily defined as server friendly. Considering the usage needs of the server, it works with a usage style suitable for these needs.

It is important because it prevents the widely planned attacks up to the high number of L7 attacks and enables an additional security measure to be created for them if needed.

In addition to IDS and IPS systems, it is among the features known as the most demanded reason for providing the trust that users need against cyber attacks with advanced firewall features.

How Are Imunify 360 Fees?

Imunify 360 fees It varies depending on how many people use it. Although these fees increase with the number of people, it is more affordable in case of more users. Imunify 360 current charges can be listed as follows:

  • $ 12 in case of single user
  • $ 25 for 30 users maximum
  • $ 35 for 250 users maximum
  • $ 45 if there is no user limit

Imunify 360 It should be noted that these fees are not fixed, as their pricing may vary on a yearly basis. It will be more accurate to be informed again during the installation for updated fees.