What’s Unique!

We don’t deliver traditional products, we deliver new experiences.

Instantaneous configuration

Instantaneous installation cPanel Installation and configuration of Fire-guards Ready to use with Web, E-mail, DNS & Data bases Configuration of accessories (IP blocks, Softaculous etc.)

360 Degrees of security

Audits of security in time Reinforcement OS Anti-virus under request and explorations of malware Improvements in the security and upgradations

Pursuit and Control

Uptime monitoring under request Monitoring of HTTP, FTP, cPanel Advanced monitoring of protocol (HTTPS, FTP etc.) Monitoring of the fundamental resources (RAM, CPU)

Repair and maintenance

Repair of compatible problems of software Updates of software of support and applications Analysis of registries of archives Optimization of MySQL under request

Installation of Applications

The best efforts of third parties in applications of support Intalaci³n and configuration of plugins cPanel Support of complete Web server including Apache Complete support of the Control Panel

And much more€¦

The backup copies programmed on SAN or another servant Migration of limitless accounts and so large Protection of Spam (incoming and salient) Optimization Apache etc.



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