Knowledge Base | What is 301 Redirect, How to Do It?

Making 301 redirects is known as a system that allows page visitors to automatically switch between links. With a 301 redirect, visitors to be directed to any page can be switched with a single button.

A redirect is activated for the page visitors to switch to the purchasing part, and sufficient directions can be provided to the purchasing part over a different page.

The 301 redirect code is also called a redirect to a new domain name. Therefore, activating a routing system for different brands is possible thanks to this code.

Why to Make a 301 Redirect?

The reason for making a 301 redirect is primarily to ensure that operations such as content change are made on websites. In this way, it is also possible for site managers to offer an easily accessible area for their visitors.

Another reason for routing is known as project collaborations. If a project or a brand partnership is acquired, it is possible to reach the relevant addresses without encountering any problems, thanks to the redirections to be made through the site.

In addition, situations such as content changes on sites or change of link addresses can cause negative results in terms of SEO. Especially being one of the prominent sites in search engines will be blocked due to changes. For this reason, it will be more advantageous to use new site features with a direct link without changing the site name or content.

What are the Steps of the 301 Redirect Process?

The steps of the 301 routing process are known as programming that is implemented systematically. The 301 redirect steps are listed as follows:

• A preparation is made as to which content will be referred.

• The content or system to be redirected is determined.

• The process of changing the domain name is provided.

• Notifications are made via Google.

• Current changes of addresses are recorded through site management tools.

• It is ensured that the map is notified for the new redirected site.

• After the order to fetch via Google, the transactions are completed.

By performing all these steps sequentially and consecutively, it is possible to direct the site visitors in an up-to-date manner without any problem.

What are URL Redirects?

URL forwarding processes generally include the operations that enable the visitors to be redirected automatically after the site contents or addresses are moved. While forwarding known as 301 provides a permanent routing process, 302 routing is preferred in temporary operations.

Although both applications are made to provide convenience to the followers of the existing content and thus not to lose site visitors, they are preferred according to the current transaction requirements.

301 redirects are also very important for SEO redirects, as it is a process that makes it easier to find sites in search engines. In this way, it will be possible to use the site in search engines without any changes.

Knowledge Base | How to Block Spam Traffic?

How to Block Spam Traffic?

Prevention of spam dateis done by detecting bots and removing them from the site. It is a negative situation that is sent to the site through bot accounts and is not correct for the site, which will push the site down in Google. Spam trafficBecause there are no real accounts, it increases the traffic your site receives and causes an unnecessary service waste. Therefore, your service quality decreases and your speed decreases. Google can detect spam traffic. For this reason, the visits of bot accounts to your page will not be evaluated by Google and your site will fall behind in the ranking.

How to Determine Spam Traffic on the Site?

Determining that the web address is spam The statistics of the users who log in to the page should be checked. This is similar to distinguishing in-store customers as ‘come to buy’ and ‘come to look’. The purpose of the bot accounts on the site is not to bring you traffic, but to distract you and prevent you from dealing with real customers. As this decreases your service quality, you will fall in the lower ranks in comments and Google searches. On your site spam traffic The statistics you will look for to understand that it is possible can be listed as follows:

  • You should review the pickup rates on the site. Spam accounts can stay on your site for a long time. It can visit your site for a maximum of 3 seconds, but these times will occur frequently. Many accounts with a stay on the site between 1 and 3 seconds are bot accounts. No real customer stays on the page for 1 second, they spend longer. If the page is not liked, the customer does not want to visit the same page again. However, bot accounts log into your page almost every hour for 3 seconds.
  • Accounts with a stay rate of over 95% are more likely to be bots.
  • You can also detect bot accounts by examining user domains. The domains used by these accounts are generally made up of meaningless words.
  • Some bot users just use their IP addresses so domains are not visible. For this reason, accounts with only IP addresses are more likely to be bots.

How to Identify the Source of Spam Traffic?

Source of spam traffic, your competitor or viruses. In any case, you can see where the accounts come from in your Google settings, and you can clean accordingly. The steps you need to do for this are as follows:

  • Link your account to the Google Analytics app. Thus, you can get statistics about your account more easily.
  • Sign in to your account via Google Analytics.
  • Click on the Acquisition-All Traffic-Channels tabs. You can see them in the settings section.
  • From the Channels tab, all account entries will be shown, which accounts are logged into your site and which ones make purchases on your site.
  • Accounts causing spam traffic are located in the ‘Other’ window.
  • You can see the IP addresses in order by clicking the Other window. You can also see where these accounts are linked by examining their IP addresses.

How to Block Spam Traffic?

Things to do to prevent spam traffic on your site is as follows:

  • Use site blocking.
  • Check your Analytics data regularly.
  • Track entries and their duration of stay on the site.
  • Do not use infected computers.
  • Track your site from a single computer.
  • Use spam blocking buttons.
  • Use antivirus programs.

How to Clean the Site from Spam Traffic?

Blocking spam accounts on the site The operations to be done are as follows:

  • Find the MyVargonen control button on the cPanel.
  • Click the Login button for the Hostel Panel.
  • Here, enter the Security tab via cPanel with your site information.
  • Click the IP block button under the tab.
  • At the bottom, in the IP Address and Domain section, spam trafficType the IP address of the account making it. Click the Add button. This IP address will be blocked on your site.

Knowledge Base | Data Security and Importance of Data Backup

Data Security and Importance of Data Backup

Safe backup of dataenables users to access their old data when necessary and to keep the necessary data securely. Data securityare divided into safe storage and safe use. Secure storage refers to the protection of the memory infrastructure in which data is recorded. Thanks to this protection, only the authorized person can access the stored data. However, some viruses and malicious software can access information that they cannot access during storage when the user recalls the information. For this reason, not only safe storage but also safe use is important.

Why Is Data Security Important?

The importance of data securitycan change level according to what data is stored. However, even if there is a situation such as your site’s traffic table, then you need to make sure that no one but you can access your data. Damage to data security, which causes undesirable situations such as cyber attacks, violations of privacy, can reach companies’ e-mails. The damages of failure to provide data security can be listed as follows:

  • Of the sites without data security could not take advantage of important business opportunities.
  • 1/3 of the companies that have experienced security breaches have experienced major financial losses.
  • Of the companies that could not provide data security experienced huge reputation losses in the media.
  • All companies that do not back up data have lost data at least once due to device errors.
  • Firms that do not back up data safely suffered financial damage at least once due to user error.
  • Sites that do not provide data security have suffered major or minor financial damage and customer losses.

Malware and Data Security

Protecting data from malwareis possible with healthy data backup processes. Malware that can be damaged by data is collected under 2 headings:

  • Ransomware outbreaks: Also known as hackers. You can be sure that there is a person in front of you. Copies the information to itself via backup. Loss of information does not occur on your site. Therefore, applications that violate data security and privacy without causing data loss. Antivirus software can protect you against such applications.
  • Viruses: You are not a human, but a computer program. The most common are Trojans. It can cause data incompleteness, loss, system breaches, and actions you didn’t do on your system. This type of software can be dealt with with antivirus programs. However, the antivirus program must be up-to-date and have a high model.

Disasters and Data Security

Protection of data security in unexpected situations Necessary software should be used and backups should be made. In unexpected situations, sudden device failures, disasters and theft may occur. Data security In these threatening situations, users’ data can be completely deleted or fall into bad hands. For this reason, regular backups and devices must be protected using passwords.

How to Ensure Healthy Data Security?

Actions to be taken to ensure data securityis as follows:

  • Keep copies of important files on hard drives.
  • Put a separate password for each file. Do not include personal information in the device’s power-on password.
  • Make regular encrypted backups.
  • Choose file copy areas from easily accessible but encrypted devices. Use devices such as USB memory, disk. Set a separate password for each copying device.
  • Instruct regular weekly backups. Have the drive you use backs up information automatically.
  • Use Google Drive and email copy fields and put passwords in them.
  • Remove double backup. Data security If you copied important files to a USB at work, take it to your home with another USB in case of theft.

Knowledge Base | Linux Basic Commands You Should Know

Linux Commands

Here are the basic linux commands and their uses:

  1. pwd command

pwd Use the command to find out what directory (folder) you are in. As a result, the command will give you a precise and exact location. Location usually with a slash (/) starts. Here is a full location example / home / username.

  1. cd command

To navigate the Linux file system cd Use the command. It requires either the exact location or the name of the directory, depending on the current directory you are in.

Let’s say /home/kullaniciadi/Documents You are in the directory and Documentssubdirectory of PhotosYou want to go to. To do this, all you have to do cd Photos is to enter the command.

As another example, let’s say it is in a completely new directory /home/kullaniciadi/Movies you want to pass. In this case cd and then you need to enter the exact location of the directory.

There are some shortcuts if you want to change location faster. If you want to go to a higher directory cd.. (with a colon) or if you want to go directly to the home directory cd use. If you want to go to the previous directory cd- You can use (hyphenated).

Additionally, the Linux shell is case sensitive. That’s why you must enter the name of the directory as it is.

  1. ls commute

ls command is used to view the contents of a directory. By default, this command will display the contents of the current directory.

If you want to see the content of other directories ls and you must enter the location of the directory. For example, Documentsto see the content of ls /home/kullaniciadi/Documents Enter the command.

  1. cat command

cat It is one of the frequently used commands in Linux. Used to view the contents of a file on standard output (sdout). To run this command, first cat, then enter the file name and extension. For example: cat dosya.txt

  1. cp command

cp Use the command to copy files from the current directory. For example, cp ornek.jpg /home/kullaniciadi/Pictures command ornek.jpg file Pictures creates a copy in the directory.

  1. mv command

The next command on our list of Linux commands is mv command. The main use of this command is to move files but it can also be used to rename files.

The use of this command is also cp It is very similar to the command. Prior to mv, then you must enter the name of the file and the target directory. For example: mv dosya.txt /home/kullaniciadi/Documents.

The syntax required to rename files is mv eskiad.ext yeniad.ext

  1. mkdir command

mkdir Use the command to create a new directory. For example, mkdir Muzik, Grind It will create a new directory named.

  1. rmdir command

If you need to delete a directory rmdir Use the command. However, rmdir only allows you to delete empty directories.

  1. rm command

rm The command is used to delete directories with their contents. If you just want to delete the directory, as an alternative to rmdir rm -r use.

  1. touch command

touch Allows you to create new empty files via the command line. For example Documents under the directory Web touch to create an HTML file named /home/kullaniciadi/Documents/Web.html enter.

  1. locate command

You can use this command to find the location of a file, just like the search command in Windows. Moreover, this command will remove it case insensitivity. -i With option, you can search with this command even if you don’t remember the name of the file.

Asterisk to search for a file containing two or more words use. For example, locate -i okul*not

  1. command will search for all files containing the words “school and” note, regardless of upper or lower case characters.

find komutu locate Similar to the command find

command is also used to search for files. The difference is that the command is used to find files in a specific directory. As an example /home/ -name notlar.txt command notlar.txt

  1. used to search for a file named in the home directory and its subdirectories.

grep command Another command that is very useful for daily use isgrep ‘shoot. grep

command is used to search text in a particular file. For example, grep blue notdefteri.txt

  1. will search for the word blue in the notepad file. Words containing this word will be displayed exactly.

sudo komutuSuperUser Do

  1. This command, short for ”, allows you to perform tasks that require administrator or root permissions. However, this command is not recommended for daily use because if you do something wrong, it is quite easy to get an error.

df command 15th in our list of Linux commands df You can use the command to find the system’s disk space usage in percent and KB (kilobytes). If you want to view the report in megabytes df -m

  1. use.

du command If you want to check how much space a file or directory takes up of( Disk Usage You must use the – Disk Usage) command. However, the disk usage summary will show disk block numbers instead of the normal size format. If you want to see the summary in bytes, kilobytes and megabytes, click the command line. -h

  1. Add option.

head command head command is used to display the first line of any text file. By default, the first ten lines will be shown, but you can change this number as you wish. For example, if you want the first five lines to be displayed head -n 5 dosyaadi.ext

  1. Enter the command.

tail command This command head has a similar function to command. Instead of showing the first lines tail

  1. command will display the last ten lines of a text file.

diff commanddifference short for diff

The command compares the contents of two files line by line. After analyzing the files, it will return lines that do not fit. Programmers often use this command to make changes to the program, rather than rewriting the entire source code. The simplest form of this commanddiff dosya1.ext dosya2.ext

  1. ‘to you.

tar command tar command multiple files into onetarball Commonly used for archiving to.tarball

The format is similar to the zip format, but compression is optional.

  1. This command is to add new files to an existing archive, list the contents of an archive, extract content from an archive, etc. It is quite complex since it has various functions such as. You can learn more about other functions by taking a look at some practical examples.

chmod command Another important command on our list of Linux commands ischmod ‘hard. chmod Used to change read, write and run permissions of files and directories. This command is a bit complicated so you can use it correctly. this guide

  1. You can read (ing).

head chown All files in Linux have a specific owner. chown command is used to transfer ownership of a file to a specific user. For example,chown linuxuser2 file.ext linuxuser2 ‘yifile.ext

  1. will do.

jobs command jobs

  1. command will display all jobs with their status. A job is simply a shell-initiated process.

kill komutu If there is a program that is not responding kill

You can terminate the program manually using the command. This command will send a specific signal to the application that is not responding and instruct the application to terminate itself.

  • There are about forty signals in total that you can use, but generally these two signals are used: SIGTERM (15)
  • – asks a program to stop running and gives it some time to save its state. If you do not specify the signal when entering the kill command, this signal will be used. SIGKILL (9)

– force program termination immediately. You lose the unsaved state. Apart from knowing the signals, you also need to know the process identification number (PID) of the program you want to terminate. If you don’t know PID ps ux

Run the command.

After making sure you know what signal to use and the program’s PID, enter the following syntax: [sinyal seçeneği] killPID

  1. .

ping command ping Use the command to check your connection to a server. For example, ping

  1. You can find out if you can connect to Google and measure the response time by entering the command.

wget komutu Linux commands are very useful. wget You can even download files from the Internet with the help of the command. To do this wget

  1. and then enter the link of the file you want to download.

you lie to a person Unix Name for abbreviated uname

  1. command about your Linux system, machine name, operating system, kernel, etc. It will give information such as.

top command An equivalent of Task Manager in Windows top

  1. command will show the list of programs that are running and how much CPU those programs are using. It is very useful to monitor the usage of system resources and will especially help you to terminate programs that use up system resources.

history command After using Linux for a while, you will notice that you run hundreds of commands every day. If you want to see commands you have entered before history

  1. You can run the command.

man command Have you forgotten which command has which function? Don’t worry. The last command on our list of Linux commands, man You can learn commands from the Linux shell using the command. For example, man tail enter command tail

It will display the instructions for using the command.

Author: Samed Gül

Knowledge Base | Game Factory Booster

After almost a whole year of pandemic, we see that people continue to turn to mobile games for fun. Global trends in all types of players increased game time, session duration and in-game purchases is showing.

In this respect Turkey Google and local game company Game Factory Game Factory initiative for supporting the domestic game Booster program spends his life in Turkey. Game Factory Booster will support early stage mobile game initiatives to accelerate their way into world markets and provide them with the opportunity to receive the versatile trainings they need and to benefit from mentoring services.

the mobile gaming world in Turkey, the details of the program and influence in the world Murat Hero Game Factor Founding Partner and Google Developer Relations Program Manager Peace Yesugey we asked.

How did it affect Turkey Coronavirus global and mobile gaming ecosystem?

Murat Kahraman: During the pandemic process, we all had to spend more time in our homes than we did before. In this process, more mobile games have entered our lives instead of the activities that we could not perform. Globally in the first quarter of 2020 reports compared to previous years we saw a 30% increase in mobile game downloads. It’s all over the world and in Turkey has created an important momentum for the mobile gaming industry. The most important part of this rise for us was that we gained a new user base that had not played games before.

How do you see Turkey’s mobile gaming ecosystem? What is its position in the global conjuncture?

Murat Kahraman: Over the past two years, we have witnessed very important and huge sales of our game companies, as well as the rise of hyper-casual games, creating an important opportunity for our small independent studios. Recently, we can see more than one game produced in our country every day in the top charts.

These developments of our young and large talent pool was also able to gain access to resources beyond the reach of previous generations of them and so that Turkey has become one of the mobile gaming industry is currently the world’s attention.

If we look at 2021 and the future, what strategic steps should businesses take for the road to go in the gaming industry?

Murat Kahraman: This period is perhaps one of the luckiest times for the game industry. 2-3 years ago it was quite difficult to find resources for gaming initiatives. Entering the industry and achieving success required serious dedication. Thanks to the entrepreneurs who achieved this success in that period, today both the public and private sector’s view of gaming initiatives has changed considerably. Studios now have much more opportunities to find broadcasters or investors.

I believe that 2021 will be an important year in our country in order to step into more courageous and larger projects for gaming initiatives. We will be with our game initiatives in this process with the cooperation of Game Factory and Google.

Why do you think there is need for such a project in Turkey? Can you share the details of the project?

Barış Yesugey: With the Google and Game Factory Booster program, we will offer early-stage game initiatives the opportunity to receive the versatile trainings they need to open up to world markets and to benefit from mentoring services. We will be with our game studios in order to continue the momentum we have achieved in the country at the moment and to witness new and bigger success stories.

We invite the teams that already have a game project and team, who are confident to achieve success in the world market by developing it, to participate in this 6-month program so that they can reach their goals more accurately, faster and with more solid steps.

The teams that will participate in the training will have the opportunity to meet with publishers and investors and present their projects, as well as a special training program, mentoring opportunities from industry-leading experts and Google product credits.

Topics of the trainings will include a wide range of technical, visual, game design, and business strategy and management topics, such as game creation, publishing, scaling, and game studio management. To the details of the program from here available, applications will continue until December 14.

What do you think will be the benefits of those who participate in this acceleration?

Murat Kahraman: For us, the biggest benefit we will provide to the participants of the program is to ensure that the initiatives can reach the level they can reach in 6 months by spending years. Every enterprise has a learning process through trial and error, and sometimes the consequences of these mistakes can be severe. Thanks to our trainings and mentors, we aim to complete this learning process in the fastest way with the least mistakes.

Knowledge Base | Cisco Switch Basic Commands

SW1# show version

To see the configuration of the switch;

SW1# show running-config

or briefly

SW1# sh run

To see the configuration of all ports of the switch;

SW1# show interfaces status

To see the configuration of a port of the switch;

SW1# show running-config interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/4

“We are seeing the configuration of the 4th Port of the Switch”

To see the vlan;

SW1# show vlan

To see all Mac Addresses;

SW1# show mac address-table

To see which port a Mac Address is on;

“In cisco switches, mac ades are usually grouped as xxxx.xxxx.xxxx”

SW1# show mac address-table address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

To see the Mac Address of the Device on a port;

“We are seeing the mac address of the 3rd port of the Switch”

SW1# show mac address-table interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/3

To see the status, instant and statistical information of all ports and vlans;

SW1# show interfaces

To see the status of a certain port only;

“We are seeing the status of the 2nd Port of the Switch”

SW1# show interfaces gigabitEthernet 1/0/2

To find ports closed by the switch due to an error;

SW1# show interfaces status err-disabled

To close a port;

“We are seeing how the 5th port of the Switch is closed”

SW1# configure terminal
SW1(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/5
SW1(config-if)# shutdown

To open a closed port;

“We are seeing how the 6th port of the Switch is opened”

SW1# configure terminal
SW1#(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/6
SW1(config-if)# no shutdown

Assigning vlan to the portal or changing the vlan for;

“We are seeing to throw the 2nd port of the Switch to 105 vlan”

SW1# configure terminal
SW1(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/2
SW1(config-if)# switchport access vlan 105
SW1(config-if)# end

To write a description on a portal;

“We are seeing adding the camera port description to Port 4 of the Switch”

SW1# configure terminal
SW1(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/4
SW1(config-if)# description kamera portu
SW1(config-if)# end

To change the name of the Switch;

“We see changing the name of the switch to sw1”

SW1# configure terminal
SW1(config)# hostname sw1

To save the switch’s configuration;

SW1# write memory

or briefly;

SW1# wr

To restart the Switch;

SW1# reload

To exit from the switch;

SW1# Exit

Author: Samed Gül

Digital Marketing | What are Online Marketing Terms?

What are Online Marketing Terms?

Meanings of online sales termsSince the systems on the internet are English-based, they should be learned specifically. Which means online marketing online marketing The term contains different terms in its world from product comparison to sales stages. Since all of these terms are in foreign languages, these terms should be learned before entering the online sales business.

What Does ‘A / B Test’ Mean from Online Marketing Terms?

Meaning of A / B testis the comparison of two elements that are similar and functioning in the same type in terms of performance. Information about which product performs better is learned by examining e-mails, search results, searches on pages and CTAs.

What Does ‘AdWords’ Mean From Online Marketing Terms?

Definition of the term AdWordsIs the data regarding the logic in which the results arranged by the Google search engine are ranked. Having knowledge of AdWords allows customers who use keywords related to you to see your page in the top positions. It is Adword that brings you ads, organic search results and high-budget results at the top of searches in a certain order during search.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Mean?

The meaning of the term affiliate marketing It is the sales transaction that bloggers or influencers make by linking a brand. Blogger directs customers to that link by giving the link to the website. It means adding the link to the content, earning a premium per sale, regardless of the theme of the content. In this way, the company wins while selling, and the blogger gets a share from each sale. Here you will see the term Anchor Text. The link provided is underlined in blue. This term is used to describe the link.

What Does Backlinks Mean?

Meaning of the term backlinksmeans a forwarding from one site to another. At the end of the product introductions given when you log into site X, for another site, ‘You can follow site Y for more.’ If there is a redirect here online marketing Backlinks from the terms means being used. In this way, it may be possible to shop from more than one site at the same time, so more than one site can win at the same time.

What Does Banner Ads Mean?

Meaning of the term Banner Adsmeans visual advertising. An ad that appears on an irrelevant site, usually in a square or rectangular frame. It can be located right on the page or in front of the user in full screen. There are also types seen as embedded in the text. Considering the previous searches of the internet user, related advertisements can be given, or it is possible to place advertisements in agreement with the page.

What Does Behavioral Targeting Mean?

Meaning of the word behavioral targetingis described as the basis for the user’s previous searches. Usually used in conjunction with Banner Ads. It means sending ads according to the user’s interest area by recording online transactions. For example, if a user has previously searched for running shoes on Google, navigated to another page or searched on Google, they may encounter advertisements for running shoes on the sidelines. This type of advertisement can appear on all 3 major search engines. The term to describe the 3 major search engines is Bing.

What Does Balck Hat SEO Mean?

Meaning of the word black hat SEOIt means making the page stand out by considering the algorithms of search engines. Using keywords, into text online marketing They are tactics that aim to see the website in higher ranks by placing words about the site, spamming or raising the comments. Google does not want these tactics to be used and penalizes sites that use it. However, it constantly changes SEO tactics so that the sites do not solve Google algorithms.

Digital Marketing | It is time to redefine responsibilities by period

The role of the Marketing Director had been sufficiently complex before the double crisis in health and economics this year emerged.

On average, Marketing Directors are the shortest remaining members of senior management. Boards of directors want them to do great things. They are expected to be customer champions, front line advocates of the brand, in-house ethics and culture models, and heads of initiatives that drive the company’s growth. By contrast, only 26% of Marketing Directors are regularly invited to board meetings, according to a study conducted by Deloitte. Expectations are high, but reach and impact are low.

Coping with all of this in today’s environment has become even more difficult. As businesses strive to rebuild product, channel and demand strategies amid quarantines, isolation, and changing consumer needs, Marketing Directors need to be prepared to drive growth and create resilient marketing plans. The question to ask is: Does the Marketing Director role have the support needed for success?

To understand how Marketing Directors can break the cycle of high expectations and limited influence, we spoke with board members of more than 50 Fortune 1000 companies last year. This year, we met with Marketing Directors from various industries to find out how they are affected by COVID-19. We explained the information we obtained in detail in the report below. This information points to ways in which Marketing Directors can restructure their positions and become leaders in digital transformation. While this may be difficult, the findings prove that, contrary to the challenges posed by COVID-19, no one is more prepared to help companies survive and deal with any situation than a Marketing Director.

What has changed for marketing directors?

There is only one thing that has not changed: Growing the business is still the Marketing Director’s goal. As one Marketing Director put it, “The role of the Marketing Director these days is actually to be the Growth Director for the company.” Marketing Director plays a more critical role than ever in formulating and managing strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. During any given week or month, the Marketing Director spends most of his time managing the business, solving problems and working with teams to seize immediate and long-term growth opportunities that can be seen, and prepare the company for future success. He usually spends the rest of his time managing and supporting employees.

What has changed has been how to drive business growth. COVID-19 disrupted supply chains and led to major changes in shopping patterns. Without any preparation, marketers had to adapt by pausing or canceling campaigns, finding new messages that were relevant and relevant to the situation, and adjusting themselves to a new reality in which digital and contactless shopping behavior is spreading rapidly.

Retailers have long been powering e-commerce solutions, but with the pandemic, millions of new consumers have turned to online shopping, digital brand interactions, contactless payments, and omnichannel order fulfillment methods (e.g. car delivery, in-store pickup).

As consumer shopping continues to move online, Marketing Directors in the consumer products industry stepped up their previous efforts to capitalize on “direct to consumer” growth opportunities. “COVID has accelerated trends that have already emerged,” says a marketing department manager for a consumer products company. “We had a plan to act on this, and now we have to implement it faster.”

For the automotive industry, these changes revealed the role of analysis in the role of the Marketing Director. “It has sped up online shopping,” says the Marketing Director of one of the auto brands for COVID-19: “It has also accelerated the understanding of the importance of a robust analytics team that can help review all data and transform that data into actionable, business-forward analytics. . ”

In the midst of the pandemic, the US was shaken by nationwide protests against centuries-old injustices in the race. This development has led to a new focus on diversity in institutions. Regardless of the industry, while many Marketing Directors are already doing what is required in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion, they are now making even more initiatives focused on a long-term investment to reflect these core values. These include improving retention, increasing leadership diversity, and focusing on participatory recruitment strategies.

In 2020, Marketing Directors found themselves challenged to build resilience in their organizations, not only to avoid short-term dangers, but also to achieve sustainable growth towards an uncertain future. Because of these changing priorities, it is very important today for Marketing Directors to manage these new expectations together with their boards of directors.

5 Marketing Director model
So what should a Marketing Director do? Since the Marketing Director cannot do every job at the same time, it would be best to focus on your strengths and expectations of the board. Deloitte tested five different models that can help Marketing Directors do just that. Immediately engaging the CEO and the board of directors to understand what they care about most and to develop ideas or get advice from them will help you understand which model will drive your company to success.

Should your company’s Marketing Director be the customer champion, or in other words, a leader in favor of providing customers with data, information, and analysis in a way that will drive business growth? This type of Marketing Director focuses on delivering a high quality, personalized experience for their clients and creates campaigns that empower clients and deliver measurable results.

Or should your Marketing Director be a growth provider focused on achieving sustainable growth for the organization with campaigns that bring more customers and contribute to collective growth?

Does the board want the Director of Marketing to be an innovation catalyst focused on developing groundbreaking proposals for customers, experimenting with new technologies, data and techniques? These types of Marketing Directors transform the customer experience while also improving internal processes.

For some companies, especially new startups or former companies in a top-down strategic regeneration mode, Marketing Directors need to be enablers who develop solid marketing opportunities and employ excellent teams with deep expertise in data and analysis.

Finally, many boards expect Marketing Directors to be storytelling directors who create stories that promote the brand and establish the company’s position and relevance with compelling content.

For new ventures or old companies in a top-to-bottom strategic regeneration mode, Marketing Directors need to be enablers.

You can be two of these at the same time, but not all of them. Consensus with the CEO and board of directors on what your company needs now will help ensure first step and long-term success.

Now is the time to redefine the responsibilities of the Marketing Director by period.

In our environment, some Marketing Directors feel they have a right to put aside old processes or ways of thinking and instead explore new ideas and growth paths such as digital transformation.

Accordingly, most Marketing Directors will focus primarily on innovation and growth, in other words, building data and analytics-based marketing organizations that can broadly read customer signals and make them actionable in real time. In a dynamic market, this is the environment where Marketing Directors can help organizations grow and remain resilient. Now Stage Marketing Directors.

Server | What are the Advantages of Cloud Servers?

What are the Advantages of Cloud Servers?

Priorities provided by cloud serversensures uninterrupted operation of websites. In this way, data and projects are backed up on virtual servers. To ensure that information and projects are developed, used and not lost on Google on a case-by-case basis cloud servers used. Resource updates are made instantly and are charged according to customer usage areas. It aims to work with a higher performance by providing a faster access to the site. These services, also called Clous Hosting Services, offer high performance at low cost to the site.

Cloud Servers Are Low Cost

Cloud servers have a low pricehelps you get high efficiency. companies that provide data center services can provide more affordable services by using cloud servers. Cloud Servers, the most cost-effective type among server types, aim to ensure that users get the highest efficiency at the lowest cost. It helps the company site reach a wider audience in a specific location.

SSD Server Advantage of Cloud Servers

Using Cloud Servers with SSD serversis more advantageous and faster. In the past, hard disks, readers and printers were used as data storage devices. Since these devices contain moving parts, their operation was based on a mechanical process. However, the introduction of SSD devices to the market was the beginning of digital recording systems. SSD cards and devices do not contain moving parts. For this reason, they run completely software and offer a faster recording experience. Cloud ServersTherefore, it works on an SSD basis. In this way, they make faster registration and easier recall process.

Cloud Servers Have a Wide Working Area

Cloud server workspaceis wide and useful. There is no space or purpose of use limitation. If there is a Cloud Server in use on the site, the data field in use is automatically adjusted and saved accordingly. Information updates are done without the need for commands. This helps even the most uninteresting sites do a flawless job. The user pays for the space taken up by their data. In this way, no unnecessary costs arise.

Cloud Servers Provide Data Security

Data security advantage of cloud servers It stems from the difficult access to data usage areas. Only system officials can access data usage areas on this type of server. Data is taken under control with automatic backup. This provides faster protection assurance. Cloud servers work entirely software-based to ensure high-level efficiency. Not having a mechanical requirement ensures that your information is stored in a virtual cellar. This ensures safer use. Another advantage of the fully digital operation of these servers is that they are maintenance free. Cloud servers, which are among the most cost-effective virtual servers, are completely free from hardware failures. Thanks to double backup, it allows you to easily obtain your information in case of a malfunction or switch to another device.

What are the Accessible Advantages of Cloud Servers?

Other benefits of cloud servers can be listed as follows:

  • Unlimited space usage: This type of servers arranges the storage space your site needs according to your site. Although it has unlimited space capacity, you pay for what you use.
  • Access traffic regulation: These servers are used to increase the number of visitors to your site. Provides high efficiency.
  • Budget management: Payments are made only for the space used in cloud servers. At the same time, when the space used increases, the site owner is informed about this. Thus, the site owner does not have to pay unplanned fees.
  • Update and uninterrupted service: On cloud serversUpdate services are done during the hours when the traffic is low. In this way, the quality of service does not decrease.

What is the Difference Between VPS and VDS?

What is the Difference Between VPS and VDS?

Difference between VPS and VDS; VPS users have limited authority on the server. Difference between VPS and VDS Looking at; VDS users have 100% authority to install the system they want, they can make special adjustments they want by changing the server management panel. In addition, there are differences in the common use of server resources for all users in VPS, while the server resource defined in VDS can be used by a single user. In VDS, resources are not shared among users. There is a situation in VPS that is affected by the performance of other sites. However, it is the biggest advantage that the websites hosted on VDS are not affected by the performance of other sites. VPS is sufficient for low-scale users, while VDS is more advantageous for others.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for; Virtual Private Server. They are shared private virtual servers. The physical server is divided by certain virtualization systems and as a result, VPS is formed. It can be installed on any preferred operating system. Virtualization systems used in VPS server creation are mostly software such as Promox and SolusVM. CPU, RAM and disk assignments are made within the scope of the package to be purchased in VPS. However, it is possible for the assigned and unused resources to be used by other VPS servers on the same physical server.

If it is necessary to exemplify the common use of server resources in VPS; Suppose it is a web server with 32 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. For 2 users, this is shared as 16 GB RAM and 64 GB SSD. They get an equal amount of resources. However, if the website of one of the users uses more RAM memory and the other uses less than the given resource; With the VPS, it is possible to take the free space in the amount of RAM of the less user in order to meet the needs of the user who needs more RAM. Therefore, they have used the resource of a single server jointly.

What is VDS?

VDS; Virtual Dedicated Server. VDS is also a virtual private server and is a server with the same purpose as VPS when compared to its intended use. It is possible to do all of what is done through the VPS server via the VDS server. Although they do not differ in their intended use, Differences between VPS and VDS is quite a lot.

What is the Definition of Virtual Hosting?

Virtual hosting; It is called virtual hosting. With virtual hosting, known as virtualization technology, the resources of the web server are divided into sections at certain rates and a large number of users are enabled to use these resources independently. The division of resources into sections at certain rates is carried out by the system administrator. Virtual hosting can be used in two different ways. One of them is VPS and the other is VDS.

What is the Difference Between VPS and VDS

VPS and VDS separation In order to do this, it is necessary to know the common points and usage purposes of VPS and VDS. VPS users do not have high-level access to their servers. However, since VDS users have absolute control over their servers, they have the opportunity to install the operating system they want and make the changes they want. Since the servers of VDS are different from the other servers on the main machine, resources can be used according to what users want. VPS is separated at this point due to the common use of resources with other users. When evaluated in terms of performance; VDS servers have higher performance than VPS servers.

Difference between VPS and VDS Looking at; Installation of the VDS server is more difficult because each setting must be made manually. However, it is possible to install the desired server control panel, add add-ons and install modules with VDS. VPS is a more economical private server than VDS.