Digital Marketing | What are Online Marketing Terms?

What are Online Marketing Terms?

Meanings of online sales termsSince the systems on the internet are English-based, they should be learned specifically. Which means online marketing online marketing The term contains different terms in its world from product comparison to sales stages. Since all of these terms are in foreign languages, these terms should be learned before entering the online sales business.

What Does ‘A / B Test’ Mean from Online Marketing Terms?

Meaning of A / B testis the comparison of two elements that are similar and functioning in the same type in terms of performance. Information about which product performs better is learned by examining e-mails, search results, searches on pages and CTAs.

What Does ‘AdWords’ Mean From Online Marketing Terms?

Definition of the term AdWordsIs the data regarding the logic in which the results arranged by the Google search engine are ranked. Having knowledge of AdWords allows customers who use keywords related to you to see your page in the top positions. It is Adword that brings you ads, organic search results and high-budget results at the top of searches in a certain order during search.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Mean?

The meaning of the term affiliate marketing It is the sales transaction that bloggers or influencers make by linking a brand. Blogger directs customers to that link by giving the link to the website. It means adding the link to the content, earning a premium per sale, regardless of the theme of the content. In this way, the company wins while selling, and the blogger gets a share from each sale. Here you will see the term Anchor Text. The link provided is underlined in blue. This term is used to describe the link.

What Does Backlinks Mean?

Meaning of the term backlinksmeans a forwarding from one site to another. At the end of the product introductions given when you log into site X, for another site, ‘You can follow site Y for more.’ If there is a redirect here online marketing Backlinks from the terms means being used. In this way, it may be possible to shop from more than one site at the same time, so more than one site can win at the same time.

What Does Banner Ads Mean?

Meaning of the term Banner Adsmeans visual advertising. An ad that appears on an irrelevant site, usually in a square or rectangular frame. It can be located right on the page or in front of the user in full screen. There are also types seen as embedded in the text. Considering the previous searches of the internet user, related advertisements can be given, or it is possible to place advertisements in agreement with the page.

What Does Behavioral Targeting Mean?

Meaning of the word behavioral targetingis described as the basis for the user’s previous searches. Usually used in conjunction with Banner Ads. It means sending ads according to the user’s interest area by recording online transactions. For example, if a user has previously searched for running shoes on Google, navigated to another page or searched on Google, they may encounter advertisements for running shoes on the sidelines. This type of advertisement can appear on all 3 major search engines. The term to describe the 3 major search engines is Bing.

What Does Balck Hat SEO Mean?

Meaning of the word black hat SEOIt means making the page stand out by considering the algorithms of search engines. Using keywords, into text online marketing They are tactics that aim to see the website in higher ranks by placing words about the site, spamming or raising the comments. Google does not want these tactics to be used and penalizes sites that use it. However, it constantly changes SEO tactics so that the sites do not solve Google algorithms.

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