InMotion Hosting launches new high-quality WordPress hosting

InMotion Hosting is launching a new premium WordPress hosting product

InMotion Hosting’s next-generation cloud WordPress hosting plans run on high-performance virtual private servers.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – August 14, 2023 — InMotion Hosting today announced the launch of its new cloud WordPress hosting plans and server management platform, Platform InMotion. From a single dashboard, users can create, manage and deploy websites on a high-performance VPS optimized for WordPress. This product release continues the commitment that InMotion Hosting has made to develop products that enhance the end-user experience.

Website speed is always a major concern for website owners. That’s why InMotion Hosting has created a WordPress hosting platform with speed as its top priority. Platform InMotion uses our custom UltraStack configuration, server caching profiles, Redis, and high-performance cloud servers to deliver optimized WordPress sites. As a result, customers will see increased website speed and performance and can rest easy knowing that their hosting infrastructure is being managed by our expert technical support and system administration teams.

Additionally, each plan offers multi-environment hosting, centralizing continuous development cycles on a single platform. This enables rapid prototyping workflows in a unique playground and production environment. All production plans run one WordPress site on a fully isolated cloud VPS with dedicated resources for optimal performance and security.

New WordPress hosting subscriptions are reasonably priced with monthly and annual terms, backed by our industry-leading money-back guarantee. Each subscription immediately gives users access to a number of valuable features, such as WordPress pre-installed, free SSL, free dedicated IP and playground.

Users will also benefit from the ability to create, restore and control site backups and dictate automatic WordPress updates.

Migrating a WordPress site to the InMotion platform is easy. An intuitive site-to-site migration tool makes it easy to copy a WordPress site’s files, plugins, themes, and database to a new server. Users with larger sites can use their favorite migration plugin or SSH to have more control over website migration. After copying the site, users can safely deploy their site with minimal disruption.

“Keeping WordPress sites fast and stable under heavy traffic loads requires sophisticated infrastructure. Site owners are looking for a solution that keeps their websites running at peak performance – no matter what. We are committed to hosting all production environments on a cloud VPS server to provide each customer with stability, security and speed.”

Todd Robinson, President and Co-Founder of InMotion Hosting

For a complete list of InMotion Hosting’s new cloud-based WordPress platform features and available plans, please visit

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