InMotion Hosting vs Bluehost Reseller Hosting 2022

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When deciding which reseller hosting plan is right for you, it helps to compare the specifications, features and additional benefits of specific hosting plans side-by-side. This is especially useful when it comes to comparing services offered by different hosting companies. In this article, we’ll compare InMotion Hosting’s Reseller hosting plans with those offered by Bluehost and help you decide which plan best suits your business strategy.

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Compare hosting plans

To help you better understand how InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting stacks up against Bluehost Reseller Hosting, here’s a comparison chart for various specs and features:

InMotion Hosting save Bandwidth cPanel Licenses Bluehost save Bandwidth cPanel accounts
R-1000S 100 GB SSD 800 GB 25 substantive 40 GB SSD 800 GB 5
R-2000S 160 GB SSD 1200 GB 50 Progress 50 GB SSD 1000 GB 5
R-3000S 200 GB SSD 1600 GB 80 pro 100 GB SSD 2000 GB 5
Reseller VPS 125 GB SSD, 7 GB RAM unlimited 5+ final 200 GB SSD 3900 GB 5

As you can see from this comparison table, InMotion Hosting’s reseller plans include more space for three of the four plans, as well as additional cPanel licenses that can be used to create customer accounts. Having a large number of cPanel licenses means you can expand your reseller business without having to worry about purchasing additional licenses.

Key Features of InMotion Hosting Reseller Plans

While the table above compares InMotion Hosting’s reseller plans to Bluehost’s plans, it only compares the features that the two plan types have in common. InMotion Hosting’s reseller plans also offer a number of benefits that are worth mentioning in more detail:

Marketing tools

  • Website builder – An easy-to-use website creation and management tool featuring BoldGrid, a feature-rich WordPress variant.
  • Access email anywhere – Access your email from any device, whether it’s a mobile device or a desktop computer.
  • Free advertising credits – Free advertising credit to help spread the word about your business.
  • Customer management tools – Manage customer accounts and subscriptions with easy-to-use browser-based tools.

Security suite

  • Free SSLs – Adding an SSL certificate to your site shows visitors that it is secure and can even boost your search engine rankings.
  • Protection against hackers and malware – Powerful malware scanning tools and file inspection systems ensure your data is protected from malicious users and compromised software.
  • DDoS protection – In the event of a DDoS attack, your server is protected with mitigation techniques that will keep your website online.
  • Automatic backups – By creating regular, secure backups, you can be sure that your data can be recovered in the event of a catastrophic failure.

While some of these features are offered by other web hosting providers, InMotion Hosting provides them all on top of 24/7 live technical support via phone, online chat or email.

Reseller FAQs

Is Reseller Hosting Right for Me?

If you are looking to start a web hosting business but don’t have the resources to set up your own servers and data center infrastructure, Reseller hosting may be right for you.

What is the difference between reseller and shared hosting plans?

While it’s common to set up reseller servers in a similar way to shared servers, reseller hosting plans usually include additional tools to help you sign up customers, sell domain names, and more.

What can I use the Reseller hosting plan for?

Reseller hosting is useful for companies that want to sell web hosting services without the overhead involved in setting up a state-of-the-art data center. Resale services can also be combined with web design services to provide customers with both front-end and back-end support.

Started with success

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the features of InMotion Hosting and Bluehost reseller plans, you should be able to make a more informed decision about which provider and plan is right for you. Starting a reseller business can be difficult, but with the right hosting plan, you can start off on the right foot and set yourself up for success.

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