Liquid Web Dedicated Server Announced!

As you know, a dedicated server is a powerful machine that can handle a ton of user traffic of a website. I have already introduced Liquid Web earlier in this post. In this post, I will focus on Liquid Web’s traditional dedicated server. What exactly is it and what features does it have? What is the price, performance and security and what kind of support do you get if you go with them for a dedicated server?

Unmanaged Server Price: $99/month* (Discounted with our coupon)

Managed Server Price: $149/month*

Renewal fee: $199/month*

What is Unique about Liquid Web Dedicated Server?

  • managed and unmanaged server options
  • high power
  • Very rarely 100% Uptime SLA commitment
  • Free website Migrations
  • customizable servers
  • no setup fee
  • High level of support
In his own words, Liquid Web Dedicated Server

High Power Dedicated Servers | Unmanaged Server From $99/Month to $189/Month | 25,000+ Servers Power 30,000+ Happy Customers | 25+ years of experience | Linux or Windows Available | 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs | US and EU data centers

pros and cons


  • No setup fee
  • Senior expert support
  • 100% network and power uptime
  • lots of plugins
  • Discounted for first time purchase
  • Dedicated servers available


  • Missing AMD Servers
  • Intel Servers Only

Liquid Web Dedicated Server Features Highlights

Disk Space / SSD Storage 250GB – 500GB SSD (RAID)
Band width 5TB Free. Upgradeable to 20TB
Free Website Transfer: Yes
Full Root Access: Yes
DATA STORAGE: 16GB – 64GB. expandable
Default Uplink Port: 100M. Upgradeable to Gigabit
Money back guarantee: Not Applicable for Dedicated Server
Control Panel (Add-on): InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro or cPanel Admin*
Website Backup and Restore (Add-on): Acronis Cloud (Off-site and Off-Server) & Liquid Web (Non-Server)
Uptime SLAs: one hundred%
Payment Modes: PayPal and Credit Cards
24/7 Onsite Support: Phone/Chat/Email
Backup Drive 1TB SATA included
OS: Linux and Windows
Extra IP $5/2IP/month
Pricing model: Monthly
Free Private IP: one
Pricing: Starting at $99/month (For our users only)
Renewal fee: ($199/month)

Dedicated Server Preparation Time

After successful payment, it will take 24-48 hours for your private server to be delivered. Also, the customizable server depends on your needs. Prices include RAM, Hard disk, uplink port and additional bandwidth etc. It depends on the hardware you choose.

Plans and Pricing

Liquid Web entry-level Linux dedicated server”Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3“Quad Core single-processor CPU starts at just $99/month, which is promotional price. The actual and renewal price for this server is $199/month. Note that this price is for an unmanaged server. And this pricing is for US locations only. Pricing will differ if you choose the EU location, which is normally $249 for an entry-level server. If you want fully managed services, you have to pay for a dashboard plugin. There are 3 different control panels to choose from – cPanel ($42/month for 100 accounts), Interworx ($20.00/month), or Plesk Onyx ($25.00/month). And this server has predefined 250GB SSD space and 5TB outbound bandwidth. This 5TB bandwidth has a 100M uplink port by default. If you need a Gigabit port, you’ll have to pay $50 per month. There is 1 free dedicated IP and Standard DDOS Attack Protection is added by default.

Interested in VPS instead? See managed VPS here

Choosing the package option (managed server) increases the price slightly to $149 per month (promotional price). Actual price with package is $234/month. With the bundle option, you get dual RAM up to 32GB for security, 250GB of Acronis Cyber ​​Backups, InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro or cPanel Premier 100** and Threat Stack Intrusion Detection. This server becomes manageable when the bundle option is selected. Therefore, you do not have to worry about its management and security.

Prices for US server locations:

Plan Name SSD Space CPU Cores data store OS Price
Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 250GB 4 cores 16 GB Linux/Windows $99 Detail
Intel Xeon Silver 4208 500GB 8 cores 16 GB Linux/Windows $149 Detail
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 500GB 12 cores 32GB Linux/Windows $189 Detail
Tradition on demand on demand on demand on demand Detail

customer support

Liquid Web is known as the Most Helpful People in Hosting. Prices are slightly higher than some other hosting providers, but that’s because of the high level of support Liquid Web offers. The support team is always available 24/7 via phones, live chats and tickets. You get a 60-second response time on all phone calls and live chats, and a 60-minute initial response time on all ticket requests. Apart from that, there is an extensive knowledge base and blog section for self-help.

knowledge base


A standard DDOS Attack Protection is included by default on all server plans. You can purchase Threat Stack Intrusion Detection as an add-on for $30 per month. But if you choose the package option, you will get it in the package. Other than that, a 1TB SATA Backup Drive is included at all service levels. You can go with the add-on Acronis Cloud (Off-site and Off-Server) – $40/month for 250GB and Liquid Web Cloud (Non-Server) – $25/month for 250GB. You can buy up to 5TB.



Liquid Web guarantees 100% network and power uptime on all its servers. It is very rare in the hosting industry. This is the second reason Liquid Web servers are more expensive than other providers.

Liquid Web VS. Competition

For a dedicated server, Liquid Web competes with Hostgator and Godaddy. A dedicated server managed on Hostgator costs $189 per month, while Godaddy costs $384 per month, which are non-promotional or real prices. Liquid Web outperforms its competitors in terms of uptime. While Hostgator and Godaddy promise 99.9% uptime, Liquid Web guarantees 100% uptime. This means that Liquid Web servers will stay online all month or all year without a single nap. This is quite surprising.

Another key difference is the default non-server backup. Liquid Web offers non-server backup by default, even on unmanaged servers. Godaddy and HostGator miss this.


Last word

When purchasing hosting for our websites, most of us look for low prices or cheap options. A dedicated server provides full room for our websites to breathe and operate independently without sharing their resources with outsiders. Liquid Web dedicated servers guarantee 100% uptime and a high level of technical support, making these servers top notch. If you want complete peace of mind, opt for the managed option. Just focus on the operation of your website and let Liquid Web take care of the administrative and security headaches. If you’re a fan of AMD servers, Liquid Web may disappoint you as it only has Intel servers listed.


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