Most Reliable Hosting Company Websites in May 2022

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rackspace had the most reliable website hosting company in May 2022 and climbed ten spots in the rankings this month. Rackspace offers a variety of cloud, data and security services with data centers located around the world including cities such as London, Sydney, Chicago and Shanghai.

crystal finished second while New York Internet (NYI) secured third place, resulting in both companies moving up one spot compared to April 2022. Based in the UK, Krystal offers a range of hosting solutions including dedicated servers, managed and application hosting, and cloud VPS. NYI offers hybrid IT solutions ranging from cloud solutions to colocation services.

In May, eight of the top ten hosting company websites used Linux, with NYI using FreeBSD and FreeBSD Aruba Using an unidentified operating system. In addition, the top five hosting company websites, including Hosting managed by Hyve and serverstackresponded to all inquiries from Netcraft.

Netcraft measures and provides the response times of around fifteen websites from leading hosting providers. Power measurements are taken at 15-minute intervals from various points on the Internet, and averages are calculated over the immediately preceding 24 hours.

From a customer perspective, the percentage of failed requests is more meaningful than outages on hosting companies’ own websites, as it gives an indication of the reliability of the routing, and so we decided to rank our table by fewest failed requests rather than lowest downtime . If the number of failed requests is the same, the sites are ranked by average connection times.

Information on the measurement process and current measurements available.

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