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What is SMTP?

SMTP’nin It stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Its Turkish equivalent is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP The density of the systems where intense mail exchange with the server is carried out is reduced. The process of sending a request from one user’s client to another user’s mail server is done by SMTP. As a result of checking whether there is any unwanted data in the mail, the confirmation is given and then the mail appears in the mail box of the recipient user. SMTP; It makes e-mail exchanges more secure. Looking at the development of SMTP over time; It is counted among the successful internet e-mail protocols that have survived until today.

What is the History of SMTP?

To the emergence of SMTP Looking at; The first use of the SMTP protocol was found in 1982. While different methods were used in the 1960s, POSTEL company has made the SMTP protocol a standard and it was announced with the code rfc788. If the owner of POSTEL company; Jonathan Postel. After a while; Unix BSD based SMTP server Sendmail was published with the same code. Since the server services of open source Linux operating systems are becoming more preferred, Sendmail has started to be used more as a mail transfer agent over time. Some of the software that provides mail server service today; There are softwares such as Exim, Postfix, Qmail, Mail Enable, Microsoft Exchange, Icewarp, hMail.

How Does SMTP Work?

SMTP working principle Looking at; It operates with a three-step process model. A client works in the order of sending server and receiving server. In the process, the SMTP service is used when sending messages to the e-mail server sent from an e-mail client such as Outlook, Webmail. Afterwards, the e-mail server uses the SMTP service to send the e-mail to the e-mail server of the recipient with the purpose of relay service. Then the recipient server uses an e-mail client such as Outlook and Webmail to download the e-mail sent to it via IMAP or POP3.

What is the Purpose of Use of SMTP?

The reason why SMTP is needed Looking at; In its simplest form, it can be said that it is used to speak the same language between two computers. The client server reaches the receiving server with certain codes, and then the transaction takes place with the approval. SMTP is used to deliver e-mails to the recipient address of the mailbox sent by desktop and portable computers or mobile devices. According to the account and server information, a SMTP connection is being established.

How to distinguish between SMTP and IMAP?

The difference between SMTP and IMAP Looking at; Users of mail client configure SMTP for sending and IMAP or POP settings for receiving. With SMTP, it is possible to perform operations such as mail forwarding, forwarding to a different server, mail forwarding. However, IMAP protocol is preferred for mail retrieval, reading or indexing the mail.

What is the SMTP Port Number?

SMTP portu 3 different ports and 2 separate security layers are used for. Port numbers are 25, 465 and 587. Security layers are SSL and TLS. The most preferred between the client and the sending server; SMTP The port number 587, called submission, is the TLS security layer. The reason for using port 587 is; IP blocks in the struggle on behalf of the service provider in Turkey with spam is that they have shut down the port number is 25. with the closure of the port number has declined in 25 countries from Turkey mail sender. The one that is frequently used between the servers sending and receiving mail; It is the port number 25. The security layer is not used. In case of using security layer in mail transmission between two servers; SSL or TLS can be used and the number of the port used is 465.

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