Knowledge Base | What is Google PageSpeed ​​Insight?

Google PageSpeed Insight Nedir?

Google PageSpeed Insight; It is a free speed test tool with features such as testing the loading speed of the website and finding out what the speed affects. Google PageSpeed Insight It is possible to make the site more useful and mobile compatible. It is possible for the person to do the speed test for his or her own site or other sites. There is no speed test limitation for users.

Which Data Can Be Reached With Google PageSpeed ​​Insight?

Data provided by PageSpeed ​​Insight; field data, lab data, opportunities, diagnostics, successful inspections are many instantaneous measurements. It is possible to reach data and suggestions about performance optimization with Google PageSpeed ​​Insight. Simulation of the website with an average device provides a measurement result of how efficient it is as a result of interactions.

Field data; According to the Chrome User Experience Report, it is the data that gives information about the time the first text and image are painted and the 5-second interval during which the page load is intense. Measurements about how long the website responds in user entries can be seen as an estimate. Lab data is data from which information such as the first rich dye, speed index, interaction process, first significant dye, first CPU idle time, estimated input delay can be obtained. It can be used to learn the determining speed criteria of the website. On the opportunities part; suggestions for improvement regarding performance metrics are seen. Diagnostics section allows to see problems that do not directly affect the speed score. The success areas of the page can be seen with successful audits.

How to Interpret Google PageSpeed ​​Insight Data?

Interpreting PageSpeed ​​Insight data As a result, detailed information about the website can be obtained. Optimization suggestions are offered to improve the problems on the website. It appears how the improvement should be done. It is possible to see the details by clicking on the displayed data. Recommendations on how to interpret the data and how to improve the performance of the site on desktop and mobile devices are in these details.

Page speed is an indication of how long the HTML file took to load and what range the FCP value was. Accordingly, a site score is calculated and suggestions are made in line with this score. 0-49 are shown in red, 50-89 in yellow and 90-100 in green. Those who have a site score between 0-49; Google PageSpeed Insight They see that the page opens slowly due to the problems with their site. It is stated that the site can become more useful with small changes for scores between 50-89. Those with a site score of 90-100 should conclude that their websites are fast, as their servers have a short response time.

What are the Optimization Recommendations of Google PageSpeed ​​Insight?

PageSpeed ​​Insight’s optimization recommendations can be as follows:

  • Tightening the pictures can be suggested.
  • It may be desirable to cache the browser.
  • It is recommended to reduce HTML files.
  • It is recommended to use Accelerated Mobile Pages named AMP.
  • Suggestions such as minimizing the JavaScript and CSS codes and removing unnecessary codes can be made.
  • It can be said to move JavaScript and CSS files to the bottom of the page.
  • Suggestions about shortening the server response time and what can be done for this can be given.
  • It is desirable to use a CDN.

Is It Advantageous to Use Google PageSpeed ​​Insight?

Benefit of PageSpeed ​​Insight When evaluated; It seems to be very advantageous for web site owners. Google PageSpeed Insight With this, problems such as changing the response time of the server, minimizing the code, and Gzip compression can be detected. Instead of focusing directly on the speed score of those using PageSpeed ​​Insight, attention should be paid to suggestions on how to improve the performance of the website. Site speed needs to be improved, not the PageSpeed ​​speed score.