cPanel price increase for 2024

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cPanel recently announced that they will be implementing a price increase starting January 2024. This adjustment is said to reflect the company’s commitment to maintain the quality of their products and services and to invest in new technologies to better serve customers.

Reasons behind the growth

According to a statement released by cPanel, the decision to increase prices depends on several factors. They include:

“Like all companies, we periodically evaluate the impact of our pricing to ensure it is consistent with the value we deliver, as well as our own cost structure. Additionally, these price adjustments allow us to continue to innovate, maintain and improve our existing products and services.” – cPanel said about rising operating costs and investment in innovation.

Because of these factors, you will see an increase in the cost of your cPanel hosting plan or shared hosting subscription when you next upgrade. We understand how this new price may affect you, so we’ve done everything we can to minimize the impact on you and your business.

Future Outlook

We continuously negotiate on behalf of our customers to ensure the most favorable rates possible. In general, the retail price of cPanel is about $10 higher than purchasing through InMotion Hosting, so make sure your price is still below the retail licensing cost of a cPanel subscription.

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