Free Lifetime SSL Certificate with Free Hosting 2022

A free SSL certificate is Not something you can easily get from any hosting company as they come at a price for big companies.

A free SSL certificate is offered for free by many businesses to increase their sales and customer base, which is actually good business for many freebies.

Getting a free trusted SSL certificate has become a major upgrade for web publishers as Google has set a deadline for doing so that will come into effect after July 2018.

Importance of Free SSL Certificate

Let’s take out the word “free”. SSL Certificates and when in doubt, give an advantage.

Not many people know how important an SSL certificate is as they exist for a specific purpose and will become mandatory in 2018.

Free SSL Certificate

We all know that hacking, phishing and online scams have become a major problem worldwide.

CNN, The Guardian and Forbes have reported that more than 190 billion euros in online fraud take place every year. Most of that comes from credit and debit cards.

Google plays an important role in solving this problem as they are currently rating many websites that are part of these scams.

An SSL certificate is signed by an authorized company that has information about the website owner, contact information, and other details that allow Google to identify the website owner. While all the owners of the rogue website are anonymous.

An SSL certificate eliminates anonymity and eliminates the risk of fraud.

How to check the SSL certificate on the website

Check whether your website is protected or not

chrome & Mozilla is the leading web browsers around the world and made sure to add a tool that lets them know about secured and unsecured websites.

You can check the SSL certificate with built-in web browser tools.

On Mozilla, secure site.

On Mozilla, unsecured site.

The same theory applies to Chrome and other major browsers as well. Sometimes an SSL error can also occur,

So update to check the SSL certificate status again.

Free SSL vs Paid SSL

The gap between free and paid is something anyone can guess. There are certain limitations that come with this, which we will inform you about.

Domain Validation – For those who haven’t delved deeply into the subject of free SSL certificates, you must know about it.

    SSL vs. Paid SSL

Free SSL certificates come with domain validation, not personal information that Google asks for it. If you run a blog or small business website, this will do.

Ecommerce – If you run an e-commerce website, free SSL certificates are not for you.

The more personal information you ask of your customers, the more you need Premium SSL Certificates increases.

Blogs, web publishers (information-based sites), and small business sites can live with free SSL certificates, but sites like shopping,

Online stores and credit and debit card purchases have no place for free SSL certificates.

Free SSL Certificate with Free Hosting

You can also get cheap SSL certificates, the cost is low but there are companies that offer free website hosting with free SSL certificates

because it helps them increase brand visibility and customer base and strengthen the brand.

Popular and affordable companies like NameCheap and GoogieHost offers free SSL certificates.

Yes! it really is…

If you are someone who does not invest in hosting and SSL, you can switch to Free Hosting with SSL, which is ideal for beginners.

GoogieHost comes with free hosting and free SSL certificate.

while NameCheap requires you to purchase paid hosting in order to use an SSL certificate with an expiration date.

How to install an SSL certificate


First, know your needs, whether you want them for free or not Premium hosting with SSL Certificate with no expiration date, then GoogieHost has it.

NameCheap Company is good too, but you have to buy premium hosting and an SSL certificate is only free for the first year.

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