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What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hostingis a service that allows a person to use a large number of web addresses and to do hosting marketing by using their storage space and additional bandwidth. Reseller Hostingis known as the service that allows multiple domain joining operations. In normal web hosting services, a maximum of 1 domain can be added.

TheReseller Hosting What is the Difference of Normal Web Hosting?

Regular web hosting differences with Reseller hosting They are listed as follows:

  • While Reseller Host allows adding more than 1 domain, this is not possible with normal web hosting.
  • CPU overrun and insufficient resource usage errors are received when trying to add more than one domain to normal web hosting. These problems do not occur with Reseller.
  • When trying to add more than one domain in normal web hosting, all resources become vulnerable to viruses at the same time, as the same source will be processed. This problem does not occur with Reseller.
  • Expressions like are not mentioned in Reseller hosting and servers. In this context, while customers cannot compare prices, marketing activities are carried out as desired.

Who Should Reseller Hosting Prefer?

Reseller Hosting should choose They are listed as follows:

  • Small-scale new web hosting companies and entrepreneurs should choose Reseller Hosting to gain profit with low cost.
  • Users who have more than one web platform and domain name, instead of getting separate service for each domain Reseller HostingBy choosing, they benefit from the inclusive service economically.
  • Web page designers can choose Reseller Hosting if they plan to provide hosting services to increase prestige as well as website design service to their customers.
  • Web application developers prefer Reseller Hosting to sell web-based software under hosting services.

What Are The Advantages Of Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting deals listed as follows:

  • Affordable Price: Those who want to use more than one website can benefit from the economical solution without hardware, management, license costs with Reseller Hosting.
  • Ease of Use: Reseller hosting account can be easily managed web-based through Direct admin, WHM panel, cPanel, Plesk panel. With Reseller Hosting, all processes such as granting access, registering a customer domain name, managing bandwidth and ftp information can be changed at any time.
  • Package Upgrade Opportunity: Reseller Hosting packages can be upgraded at any time depending on the workload.
  • Benefiting from Unlimited Options: Thanks to the special packages of Reseller Hosting, unlimited options are used in areas such as special site traffic, number of FTP accounts, number of subdomains, number of mail accounts.
  • Using Ready Script: With Reseller hosting, ready-made scripts such as Opencart, Laravel, WordPress can be used with one.
  • Opportunity to Gain Work Experience: Those who want to establish a Reseller Hosting company gain knowledge and experience in sales and marketing within the scope of the packages.

How Reseller Hosting Works?

Reseller Hosting work Within the scope, a part created by virtually dividing from a physical server or cloud server is sold in smaller parts with the help of software.

To put it more clearly, when you want to open a hosting account for new websites, a domain is built. These areas are rented to users. Small areas belonging to users and divided from the server are not prepared in advance. They occur instantly as each user arrives.

In the Reseller Hosting operating system, users control their hosting accounts on the user level during the web address owner’s permission process. All details such as hosting area, site traffic, etc. are determined by the main user. On the other hand, many hosting companies, users Reseller Hosting they enable them to identify their sources.

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