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What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting concept, It describes the server usage preferred by those who will set up a website for the first time for their site. Shared Hosting Servers can be managed in an affordable and easy way.

Hosting sharing can be done jointly with different companies. At this point, it is necessary to make sure that there are only reliable shareers and to set up the sites accordingly. Otherwise, it should be a sensitive choice since it is thought that there will be a security vulnerability.

Shared Hosting provides the common use of the storage area in general. Thanks to this method, it will provide an effective storage space with the most economical methods during the initial setup phase of the site.

What are the Features of Shared Hosting Usage?

Features of Shared Hosting usage, can be listed as follows:

  • It is possible to buy packages at very low amounts for Shared Hosting memberships. Prices starting over a minimum of $ 4 may vary depending on the package contents.
  • Storage usage needs may need to be upgraded based on the qualifications of the companies. In this direction, growth can be achieved in the storage area by making new shares.
  • It can be easily used without the need for any processes such as update or audit trail.

All these features offer very advantageous content for beginners. The renewal of these contents for the users of the site at the same time can provide effective profit.

Are There Any Damages to Using Shared Hosting?

Possible damages of using Shared Hosting, It is seen as a risk because it is made over a common sharing network. Primarily, the use of the network by more than one server can cause slowdown in the system as well as specialization. For this reason, it can be used for heavy sites.

Shared Hosting It is possible for quite different people to use it. For this reason, there are many risk factors related to the safety of users, and this situation can sometimes become unpredictable.

In addition to these, the increase of users on the sites can cause a concentration of traffic within the site. This situation can be shown among the shortcomings as it will cause slowdown for each server in shared use.

Since there is no customization option in Shared Hosting, it is known as a significant disadvantage for heavy traffic site users and may therefore be a reason not to be preferred.

What Can Be Preferred Over Shared Hosting Uses?

They will be used as an alternative to Shared Hosting usage, are often expensive uses. For this reason, it is not preferred for beginners because it is a serious financial burden.

There is a VPS server that will be an alternative to Shared Hosting but not as expensive as other applications. This server can prevent contractions that will occur on the site with certain customization possibilities in case of an increase in in-site traffic.

However, the best alternative for those who will set up a site for the first time is still known as Shared Hosting, and it continues to be preferred more often thanks to its easy use. Alternative methods are known as options to be used after the site is concentrated.

What are Shared Hosting Packages?

Shared Hosting packages, In addition to having changing features in the context of users’ needs, it is used with different prices. Among these, the first option that includes the least features is the economic starter package, but it is charged at $ 4.

The second package, although known as the ideal package, is a 3 GB storage option. It is offered for sale for 6 dollars. Other packages are offered at $ 8 and $ 10, respectively, and offer 5 GB and unlimited storage, respectively.

Shared Hosting While the packages are preferred, a selection should be made based on the storage area and according to the needs of the site. Higher packages can be preferred with the traffic density.

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