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What is Port IP?

Port IP; The port number must be known so that it can be checked. Routers’ IP addresses must be known in order to find ports and port IP’yi It is possible to check the number of ports by learning and to list the port numbers that describe the message transmitted to the server. There are TCP and UDP ports. It stands for TCP Transmission Control Protocol and UDP User Diagram Protocol. The port that is passed through the user’s IP address to reach the IP address of the other party is called a port, and the relationship between the port and IP can be explained in this way.

What is Port Definition?

Port; Although it is a word used for port, when it is considered as a computer term, it has names such as input, socket, port. There are two types, physical and virtual. Hardware slot on computers and used for physical connection; it is known as the physical port. It is possible to send data to the machine connected with the physical port and to control the operation of the machine. If the virtual port; It is the name given to logical ports that rotate via network, internet or software. Numbers are given to virtual ports, ie abstract ports, and the purpose of this is to address the connection points. Some of the servers may have a fixed port number, while others can serve different port addresses. Virtual ports up to 1024 are considered private, and those up to 1024 are open to public use.

What should be done to learn Port IP?

Finding the port used by the IP address Command prompt should be opened first. The stages of learning the port number differ on devices with Windows and MacOS operating systems. For Windows devices, this must first be entered in the Start menu. Then enter Run in the search section. After pressing the enter key, cmd should be typed in the search field. When the enter button is pressed again, the administrator screen opens. Each of the links that appear on the screen after typing “netstat -an” command from the administrator screen has a different meaning. Port IP For those who want to access information, the connected IP address and port number appear in the second column, local address. Shown on the screen are as follows:

  • The first column says protocol and the protocol used is shown.
  • The second column is the local address column. The IP address of the person running the command prompt and the port number used for connection are shown.
  • The third column is the foreign address. Connected IP address and port number are listed here.
  • The last column is called state. Status information can be seen in this column. Listening scripting, listening and established typing are statements that show that they are active. Those who want only listened or active ports to be listed; netstat -an | find / i should write ” listening / established ” on the screen where they enter the command.

How to Learn Port Number on Mac Devices?

Finding the Mac port number The things to do are given below:

  • Those who have a device with a MacOS operating system are first asked to open the System Preferences screen.
  • Network option should be preferred.
  • Advanced option should be entered.
  • Port Scan option should be selected.
  • In the screen that opens, a scan is made for port numbers, but in order to start this, first the IP address must be entered.

What is the Importance of Learning Port IP?

The importance of knowing the port IP Looking at; The types of ports that some software will use may be different, and it may be necessary to know the port number at the point of granting special permissions to applications. Port IP Knowing the connection point numbers, it can be advantageous to allow applications in the firewall creation stage. In some applications, more than one port can be seen at a time and VPN applications can be shown as an example.

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