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What is Web Push Notification?

Web Push Notification Concept Although they are described as push notifications, they are known as notifications offered by websites to a specific customer group. Web Push Notification Notifications sent by mobile phones are sent to computers via web browsers.

Thanks to this notification system, it is ensured that people using the site can reach a wide range of customers regardless of whether they connect via the mobile application or through the browser.

With Web Push Notification, it is known as a system that enables not only web browsers opened on the computer, but also web browsers opened on the mobile phone.

What is the Web Push Notification Working System?

Web Push Notification working system requires users to log in primarily through a fixed browser. Browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox are known to be the most preferred.

Since no notification is sent through the Explorer system used other than these browsers, there is no notification setting for visitors participating through this link.

A box is presented to the visitors who enter the website, indicating the status of the request that they want to receive notification after the time period determined on the system, and the information of the persons who gave the notification approval is recorded on the system.

Visitors whose information is received are recognized as subscribers through the application. Web Push Notification With this, it is possible to send notification to these subscribers at desired intervals or with the desired content.

Since this application also enables sending special notifications for the users, it also supports the interactive participation of the site visitors through the system.

What are the Advantages of Web Push Notification?

Web Push Notification benefits primarily, it ensures that visitors maintain their ties with the site. In this way, it is possible for every person visiting the site to be evaluated as an existing customer.

Another advantage is the ability to reach the customer base easily and quickly with regard to the campaigns or special applications on the site. In this way, the planning made for the existing audience can be continued effectively.

In addition to the notifications provided via e-mail, it is among the advantages of this application that it is an information area that customers will notice more easily, and thus receiving reversible effects.

In Which Browsers Is Web Push Notification Used?

Web Push Notification It is not used via Internet Explorer, and visitors must operate through the following three browsers in order to receive notifications:

  • Safari browser is known as the first browser to share notifications.
  • Google Chrome, on the other hand, enables notifications to be sent via mobile devices as well as computers.
  • Mozilla Firefox is known as the most up-to-date browser that provides support for the application.

Web Push Notification When installed through these browsers, customers will be able to receive notifications about the site periodically, so the websites are also provided to provide long-term service to a wider audience.

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