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When searching for the best WordPress hosting options, you may come across two different types of hosting: shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting solutions.

Since both have WordPress in their name, you may be asking yourself which is the best option for your business.

In this article, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between shared and managed WordPress hosting, and give you some helpful tips to help you evaluate what the best hosting solution will be for your needs.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a traditional type of hosting that requires a physical server where the server rack is divided into different shared accounts.

Think of it like an apartment building where each account is an apartment.

Therefore, users share all resources such as bandwidth, RAM, I/O, etc., as well as AC units and water in the apartment building. If a water pipe breaks or something goes wrong, it will affect many occupants of the building.

Hosting plans usually have a control panel (like cPanel) that allows you to adjust your website’s DNS, PHP version, manage your files, and much more. Allowing some level of modification to better suit your website.

Screenshot of the cPanel dashboard, a common control panel for shared hosting accounts

With traditional hosting plans, you can also host other types of CMS such as Drupal, Joomla or Moodle sites.

Shared hosting is quite affordable, however, and is a great place to start if you’re launching your site for the first time as a small business or blogger. You can easily measure your visitors, resources and more with a shared hosting plan.

What is shared WordPress hosting?

Shared WordPress hosting is a regular shared hosting optimized for WordPress websites. This includes access to optimization tools like NGINX or the inclusion of premium plugins in your plan.

Users can still change settings in the control panel and often have methods to make managing WordPress easier. From one-click installations to easy backups and restores.

Shared WordPress hosting plans are a great way to start your WordPress journey with an optimized traditional shared environment that is affordable and affordable.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting can come in many shapes and sizes. This is the next level of WordPress site hosting that evolved from Shared WordPress plans and VPS WordPress plans.

Managed WordPress hosting takes place in an isolated environment designed specifically for hosting WordPress websites.

Since your hosting provider takes care of managing server settings like updates, PHP versions, NGINX, and more that we discussed earlier, you don’t have to worry about tweaking them for WordPress.

It can be an easy-to-use interface with all features centered around WordPress. For example, easy access to plugins, backups, theme management, caching and more without accessing your WordPress dashboard.

Other features from managed WordPress hosting

In addition to server settings, managed WordPress hosting will have additional features that make managing your WordPress sites easier.

  • teams – One of the most important aspects of WordPress is collaboration, with features that allow you to easily add team members to your projects and change their level of administration.
  • Playgrounds (exclusive feature) – Updating or making changes to your live WordPress site can be stressful. With Playgrounds, you can be sure that the changes you make will fit your site and that updates won’t cause any problems.
  • Snaps (Exclusive Feature) – Snaps is an InMotion hosting solution for easily building WordPress websites with all the necessary plugins. When you select Snap, it will seamlessly launch a new installation with your chosen theme and all plugins.
  • Site Health Status – Easily monitor your website health, visitors and more. From an easy-to-read interface.
InMotion Hosting Snaps help you create your favorite plugin packages and themes to create sites even faster without logging into your WordPress Dashboard

Where does Cloud WordPress fit into the mix?

Cloud Hosting, unlike traditional hosting, hosts a virtual VPS on multiple remote servers instead of a single physical server. That way, your website won’t go down if one server has a problem.

This type of plan also has the advantage of scalability, which means you can easily increase your resources as your website changes.

InMotion Hosting’s managed WordPress plans use highly available cloud VPSs that provide 100% dedicated resources for your projects. You’ll never have to live in fear of your client’s site crashing due to server issues.

Managed WordPress hosting by InMotion Central is optimized for WordPress sites on a fully isolated VPS

Shared and managed WordPress hosting

While this may explain the difference between managed and traditional WordPress hosting, how can you know what works best for you?

  • Company size – Your needs vary depending on whether you are a small business or a large corporation.
  • budget – Like the size of your company, your hosting plan options can change with your budget. If you are currently on a tight budget, we recommend shared hosting, which is usually on the lower end.
  • Management level – As discussed above, managed WordPress hosting will have the experience of providing both. Shared hosting has some level of management due to being in a limited environment, but it may not be as well suited for WordPress and needs more management.
  • the audience – Viewers need resources, so a hosting plan that serves a demanding audience is important.

If you are a small business or just starting out and your budget or company size is smaller, Shared WordPress hosting is a great place to test your website and its capabilities.

If you already have a WordPress website that you’re looking to migrate from shared hosting, plan to manage multiple WordPress sites, or are a freelancer with multiple clients, managed WordPress hosting can help you take the stress out of server management so you can focus better. business.

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final thoughts

In simplified terms, Shared vs. Managed WordPress hosting boils down to managing, resourcing and optimizing your WordPress website.

Shared WordPress hosting plans have a low level of management, your website will be hosted on a shared server with other users that is optimized for your WordPress installation. This is usually the cheapest option, which is great for first-time users, bloggers, or small businesses.

Managed WordPress hosting, hosted on a highly affordable VPS with dedicated resources, offers a user-friendly interface focused exclusively on WordPress websites while ensuring full optimization.

Managed WordPress plans that offer a premium experience are best suited for users who manage multiple WordPress websites, freelancers and agencies, or businesses that require dedicated resources for their projects.

In conclusion, by exploring plans specifically designed for the best WordPress hosting experience, you are taking the right step towards hosting your WordPress websites in the optimal way.

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