What is SSD? SSD Technologies in Server and Hosting

What is SSD? SSD Technologies in Server and Hosting

SSD, server, hosting technologies While transferring information about SSD, it is stated that SSD is the next generation storage technology. SSD It is mentioned that servers using hosting have 5 times faster reading speed than those using HDD. Using SSD hosting ensures that a website can be opened by users at the speed recommended by Google. This process prevents users from leaving the site immediately by getting bored of waiting.

What Is The Difference Between SSD And HDD?

Distinction between SSD, HDD The information about is listed as follows:

  • HDD consists of magnetic and moving parts.
  • SSD contains no moving or mechanical parts.
  • HDD needs more energy than SSD while working. In this context, it causes more electricity consumption.
  • Write and read performance is higher on SSD.
  • While the HDD is working with noise, there is no loud noise problem when using SSD.
  • While SSD does not reveal the heating problem, this problem can occur on the HDD.
  • SSD hosting system makes a website reach higher performance than HDD preference.

What Are The Advantages Of SSD Usage?

SSD usage opportunities listed as follows:

  • Benefiting from low energy consumption,
  • Getting rid of the heating problem,
  • Performance degradation due to mechanical failures,
  • Experiencing fast reading and writing speeds,
  • Preserving the device by physically allocating less space,
  • Benefiting from 2 million hours of lifetime,
  • Having a storage area resistant to pressure, moisture, light and heat,
  • Ability to improve the download speed and transition time between tabs on websites,

These advantages SSD They are obtained in use.

SSD Hosting And SEO Effect

SEO impact of SSD hosting Details about are listed as follows:

  • Many search engines, especially Google, recommend that a website load in 1 second or less.
  • Visitors connecting to the sites read the data in the storage area on the server in order to view the content of the site.
  • In this context, SDD hosting should be used to increase speed and performance in order to ensure the speed at the ideal level and to keep visitors on the page.
  • With SDD hosting, page access is provided 5 times faster than websites using HDD.
  • Instead of spending money and time on various add-ons to increase the speed and quality of the site, choosing direct SSD hosting allows to increase visitor interaction.

Because of the loss of visitors due to the slowness of the website, the site rankings will decrease, resulting in negative consequences for SEO. This problem is prevented by SSD.

Why Choose SSD Hosting?

SSD hosting requirements listed as follows:

  • SEO success,
  • Not losing reputation in e-commerce and rummy websites,
  • Taking advantage of larger memory space,
  • Improving site performance,
  • Providing quality to users,
  • To be able to offer reading and writing speed,
  • Preventing server overload,
  • Long term protection from server failures,
  • Preventing permanent data loss,
  • Highlighting quality image by eliminating commercial concerns,

In order to realize such details, SSD hosting should be preferred.

Certain companies or bloggers prefer HDDs in terms of cost reduction when setting up their website. HDD preferences made to provide more economical conditions are not enough to realize the goals that bring quality to the fore and offer advantage in SEO compliance. SSD With hosting, it is possible to have a website with high performance and visitor interaction with upward acceleration at a slightly higher cost.

Hosting | What is Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hostingis a service that allows a person to use a large number of web addresses and to do hosting marketing by using their storage space and additional bandwidth. Reseller Hostingis known as the service that allows multiple domain joining operations. In normal web hosting services, a maximum of 1 domain can be added.

TheReseller Hosting What is the Difference of Normal Web Hosting?

Regular web hosting differences with Reseller hosting They are listed as follows:

  • While Reseller Host allows adding more than 1 domain, this is not possible with normal web hosting.
  • CPU overrun and insufficient resource usage errors are received when trying to add more than one domain to normal web hosting. These problems do not occur with Reseller.
  • When trying to add more than one domain in normal web hosting, all resources become vulnerable to viruses at the same time, as the same source will be processed. This problem does not occur with Reseller.
  • Expressions like hostin.com.tr are not mentioned in Reseller hosting and servers. In this context, while customers cannot compare prices, marketing activities are carried out as desired.

Who Should Reseller Hosting Prefer?

Reseller Hosting should choose They are listed as follows:

  • Small-scale new web hosting companies and entrepreneurs should choose Reseller Hosting to gain profit with low cost.
  • Users who have more than one web platform and domain name, instead of getting separate service for each domain Reseller HostingBy choosing, they benefit from the inclusive service economically.
  • Web page designers can choose Reseller Hosting if they plan to provide hosting services to increase prestige as well as website design service to their customers.
  • Web application developers prefer Reseller Hosting to sell web-based software under hosting services.

What Are The Advantages Of Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting deals listed as follows:

  • Affordable Price: Those who want to use more than one website can benefit from the economical solution without hardware, management, license costs with Reseller Hosting.
  • Ease of Use: Reseller hosting account can be easily managed web-based through Direct admin, WHM panel, cPanel, Plesk panel. With Reseller Hosting, all processes such as granting access, registering a customer domain name, managing bandwidth and ftp information can be changed at any time.
  • Package Upgrade Opportunity: Reseller Hosting packages can be upgraded at any time depending on the workload.
  • Benefiting from Unlimited Options: Thanks to the special packages of Reseller Hosting, unlimited options are used in areas such as special site traffic, number of FTP accounts, number of subdomains, number of mail accounts.
  • Using Ready Script: With Reseller hosting, ready-made scripts such as Opencart, Laravel, WordPress can be used with one.
  • Opportunity to Gain Work Experience: Those who want to establish a Reseller Hosting company gain knowledge and experience in sales and marketing within the scope of the packages.

How Reseller Hosting Works?

Reseller Hosting work Within the scope, a part created by virtually dividing from a physical server or cloud server is sold in smaller parts with the help of software.

To put it more clearly, when you want to open a hosting account for new websites, a domain is built. These areas are rented to users. Small areas belonging to users and divided from the server are not prepared in advance. They occur instantly as each user arrives.

In the Reseller Hosting operating system, users control their hosting accounts on the user level during the web address owner’s permission process. All details such as hosting area, site traffic, etc. are determined by the main user. On the other hand, many hosting companies, users Reseller Hosting they enable them to identify their sources.

Hosting | What is Shared Hosting?

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting concept, It describes the server usage preferred by those who will set up a website for the first time for their site. Shared Hosting Servers can be managed in an affordable and easy way.

Hosting sharing can be done jointly with different companies. At this point, it is necessary to make sure that there are only reliable shareers and to set up the sites accordingly. Otherwise, it should be a sensitive choice since it is thought that there will be a security vulnerability.

Shared Hosting provides the common use of the storage area in general. Thanks to this method, it will provide an effective storage space with the most economical methods during the initial setup phase of the site.

What are the Features of Shared Hosting Usage?

Features of Shared Hosting usage, can be listed as follows:

  • It is possible to buy packages at very low amounts for Shared Hosting memberships. Prices starting over a minimum of $ 4 may vary depending on the package contents.
  • Storage usage needs may need to be upgraded based on the qualifications of the companies. In this direction, growth can be achieved in the storage area by making new shares.
  • It can be easily used without the need for any processes such as update or audit trail.

All these features offer very advantageous content for beginners. The renewal of these contents for the users of the site at the same time can provide effective profit.

Are There Any Damages to Using Shared Hosting?

Possible damages of using Shared Hosting, It is seen as a risk because it is made over a common sharing network. Primarily, the use of the network by more than one server can cause slowdown in the system as well as specialization. For this reason, it can be used for heavy sites.

Shared Hosting It is possible for quite different people to use it. For this reason, there are many risk factors related to the safety of users, and this situation can sometimes become unpredictable.

In addition to these, the increase of users on the sites can cause a concentration of traffic within the site. This situation can be shown among the shortcomings as it will cause slowdown for each server in shared use.

Since there is no customization option in Shared Hosting, it is known as a significant disadvantage for heavy traffic site users and may therefore be a reason not to be preferred.

What Can Be Preferred Over Shared Hosting Uses?

They will be used as an alternative to Shared Hosting usage, are often expensive uses. For this reason, it is not preferred for beginners because it is a serious financial burden.

There is a VPS server that will be an alternative to Shared Hosting but not as expensive as other applications. This server can prevent contractions that will occur on the site with certain customization possibilities in case of an increase in in-site traffic.

However, the best alternative for those who will set up a site for the first time is still known as Shared Hosting, and it continues to be preferred more often thanks to its easy use. Alternative methods are known as options to be used after the site is concentrated.

What are Shared Hosting Packages?

Shared Hosting packages, In addition to having changing features in the context of users’ needs, it is used with different prices. Among these, the first option that includes the least features is the economic starter package, but it is charged at $ 4.

The second package, although known as the ideal package, is a 3 GB storage option. It is offered for sale for 6 dollars. Other packages are offered at $ 8 and $ 10, respectively, and offer 5 GB and unlimited storage, respectively.

Shared Hosting While the packages are preferred, a selection should be made based on the storage area and according to the needs of the site. Higher packages can be preferred with the traffic density.

Differences Between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

Differences Between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting usage differences, varies on the basis of quality. Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting differences In general terms, it can be expressed as follows:

  • Hosting usage may differ according to software languages. After learning the software language of the site, Linux Hosting cannot be preferred in case of ASP.NET, ASP, VBS. Linux uses may be suitable only for Perl, Python and Ruby software.
  • Hosting changes differ according to the databases. While Windows Hosting is used only for MSSQL, Linux can be used in other databases.
  • There may be differences between Linux and Windows on the basis of CMS software. For this reason, CMS software must be learned before choosing hosting.

While providing services for the same purposes in both Hosting definitions, there may be differences in terms of fees. In addition, package options can be differentiated within both hosting.

What are the Usage Purposes of Linux and Windows Hosting?

Linux and Windows Hosting usage purposes, to ensure the use of the website. The setup areas of the website known as hosting are used with different features and special alternatives are offered especially for beginners.

In addition to these, since it provides the secure storage of data within the sites, it is not possible to use a secure website without hosting. For this reason, hosting is sold for different software on Linux and Windows.

Since hosting is the system that enables websites to be published in the most appropriate way, photos or texts can be published via Linux or Windows with different storage options.

How to Choose Hosting?

Hosting selections, It is determined according to what purpose and how the website can be used. While making the selections, the needs of the servers should be determined correctly and a package should be bought accordingly.

Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting differences These needs are taken into consideration while determining. Linux or Windows can be selected by considering the software, interfaces or CMS features of the servers.

Although there are common features for both, different results may be encountered. For example, it will not be possible to use every software on the same hosting, so the availability must be determined first.

What are the Linux Hosting Features?

Linux Hosting features, It is primarily designed to work on ASP.NET, ASP, VBS software. Therefore, Windows should be chosen instead of Linux in alternative software.

In addition, it is preferred because it can be easily used in web bases known as PHP. For this reason, it is a preferred hosting especially for forum or blog-style websites, but it can also be effectively adapted for alternative works.

It is thought to be a good alternative for those who will set up a site for the first time, as it is compatible with easy software in Linux Hosting. However, changes can be made depending on the traffic within the site or the usage areas of the site.

What are the Windows Hosting Features?

Windows Hosting features Unlike the Linux system, it is preferred as a suitable hosting for Perl, Python and Ruby software. It can be adapted correctly for HTML and FLASH so that it can be used easily in systems with common use of mail.

Windows Hosting is also very advantageous in terms of security. Thanks to this secure usage offered within the Windows infrastructure, it has a feature that can be preferred for corporate sites.

Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting differences It is determined within these selections and does not contain any difference in terms of general usage purposes. Optionally, both hosting can be selected and the use of the site can be started.

What Should We Consider When Buying Hosting?

What Should We Consider When Buying Hosting?

Things to consider when purchasing hosting, It ensures that the features of the website to be used are presented to the site visitors in the best way. Hosting The main things to pay attention to buyers are as follows:

  • When purchasing hosting, it is necessary to choose a coding language on the system first. Two different Hosting companyfrom Which one to choose is decided based on this language.
  • The extent of usage area the website users need determines the hosting preferences to be purchased. While a small area will be sufficient, care should be taken before purchasing, as a larger use will turn into unnecessary expense.
  • It is important to predict how many visitors there will be for the website in terms of choosing the right hosting. When the right choice is not made for crowded sites, the site may contain problems such as freezing or slowing down.
  • The e-mails through which the website will be opened or how many different e-mail addresses will be used is also known as another determining factor.

Is Space Important in Hosting Choices?

The importance of space in hosting choices, It is aimed at the fast and high quality operation of the website. Since the concept called field will vary according to which type of data will take up how much space within the site, the most suitable field types should be selected.

The predominant use of photographs or videos in the website makes it obligatory to choose large areas in hosting choices, although large areas such as forum or blog are not preferred, but fast use can be achieved.

How Should Your Hosting Choices Be Based On Site Traffic?

Hosting selections according to site traffic, It is an important factor for users to choose the site. Since the user traffic is not intense on newly opened websites, no problems are encountered, while there may be a slowdown in sites with heavy traffic.

Hosting While making the selections, the website should be analyzed correctly and a prediction should be presented regarding the majority of the audience to be addressed. In this way, sites will quickly and conveniently take their place in the sector and reach a wider audience in a more qualified way.

Do Hosting Choices Differ By Database?

Differentiation of hosting choices according to the database, It is determined by the content offered by the hosting companies. Since Windows and Linux Hosting companies are working with different databases, database selections should be made first.

Since it is deemed necessary to use a MySQL database for PHP sites, when choosing a suitable hosting; For ASP databases, a hosting company that includes MsSQL should be preferred.

Correct usage cannot be achieved and desired performances cannot be achieved in the selections made without considering the database. For this reason, firstly the database should be determined and then the features of the hosting companies should be investigated.

Is E-mail Number Important in Hosting Choices?

Number of e-mails in hosting selections directly determines which company will be hosting from. While server operations are performed over a single mail address within Linux Hosting, Windows Buy hostingMoments can also be used from different mails.

In addition to which platform will be preferred in the use of e-mail, the number of e-mail addresses to be used on the website is also known as an important issue. Therefore, another issue that should be considered before purchasing hosting is known as the necessity of using e-mail.

Hosting Windows and Linux, known as the companies, may differ in terms of target and content even though they provided the same service as a purpose. For this reason, it is important for those who will set up a website to purchase Hosting after detailed reviews in order to achieve a better result.