What is Godaddy Pro Plus?

You’ve probably heard of GoDaddy, which claims to be the world’s largest domain registrar and service provider for entrepreneurs. It helps entrepreneurs work globally and empowers them no matter where they are located.

It helps you grow online. However, in this article we will deal with it GoDaddy ProPlus. We’ll start with the basic introduction and then go into more detail. So let’s start.

As you know, GoDaddy is a platform that supports your online business by offering you benefits like domains, hosting, security, email, marketing, etc.

GoDaddy ProPlus

GoDaddy Pro Plus is an upgrade to your GoDaddy Pro account that you can access once you have earned 2500 points over 12 months. It is aimed at online business professionals who want to increase their sales, and GoDaddy Pro Plus helps with that by providing faster customer support response, faster points accumulation, etc.

It’s the highest version of GoDaddy you can have. Therefore, it offers much more than a standard account. So grow faster and upgrade to GoDaddy Pro Plus to join the best in the GoDaddy community.

How does Godaddy Pro Plus work?

We’ve already looked at what GoDaddy Pro Plus is. As mentioned, it is a platform that helps you grow online and get the most out of online business with services like domains, hosting, security, email, marketing, etc.

First, let’s talk about how becoming a GoDaddy Pro Plus member works. You must accumulate 2,500 points per year. Once you have done this, you can enjoy the various benefits that come with it.

GoDaddy or GoDaddy Pro Plus is a website or platform that helps you turn your idea into a successful business. This is where you can create a compelling brand that attracts customers through digital and social media marketing ideas.

They also help you get your work done without much hassle. If you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry when working with GoDaddy Pro Plus, because GoDaddy Pro Plus also offers personal guidance from a human to make you feel more comfortable and open.

Benefits of using GoDaddy Pro Plus

We have already mentioned many advantages of GoDaddy Pro Plus. You start by earning 2500 points per year and then become a GoDaddy Pro Plus member. Once you become a GoDaddy Pro Plus member, one of the best benefits you get is the fast response from customer support.

You’ll also earn twice as many points as a regular GoDaddy member. You can use the points to buy free products and make quick money by selling your products. Another advantage is that you receive 10% of the transaction value as points.

The added benefits of GoDaddy Pro Plus are the tools provided. One of the best tools we’ve come across is the website builder. Even if you are a beginner, you will get by with everything as the chances of you screwing something up are minimal due to the straightforward user interface that the platform offers.

How to sign up for GoDaddy Pro Plus

The easiest way to sign up for a GoDaddy Pro Plus membership is to earn 2,500 points in a calendar year.

  • To do this, you must first log into the GoDaddy website and start working on it.
  • Once you’ve built a successful brand and worked on your brand, you’ll earn points on the platform that will eventually earn you a GoDaddy Pro Plus membership.
  • Ultimately, the only way to enroll in GoDaddy Pro Plus is to be successful at GoDaddy, earn 2500 in a calendar year and be automatically promoted to GoDaddy Pro Plus.
  • Earning these points is done through your own business or online business. Earn five points for every dollar you or your customer spends on eligible purchases.
  • This also applies to customers who add the new products to their shopping cart and complete the purchase themselves.

You too Get points when you buy products through your GoDaddy Pro Plus account, whether through your payment methods or those of your client.

What are GoDaddy Pro Sites IP addresses?

GoDaddy Pro sites IP addresses are valid if you want to allowlist a GoDaddy Pro site to add sites to your dashboard. Here we provide you with a list of:

  • GoDaddy Pro Site Clone IPS:
  • GoDaddy Pro Sites Management IPs:
  • GoDaddy Pro Sites Backup and Other Services IPs:

To contact GoDaddy Pro website support, you can always go to customer support which can be found at the bottom right of the website. If you don’t want to chat and call them, you can call the number provided by the platform on the contact page.

GoDaddy Pro Plus support

Telephone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in many countries. However, in some countries such as India or Brazil, the opening hours differ and are less than 24 hours a day.

How do I restore my website with GoDaddy Pro?

Along with the many benefits that GoDaddy Pro offers, the backups are another added benefit you get with a GoDaddy Pro. Recovering your website from GoDaddy Pro is as simple as clicking a button on the GoDaddy Pro dashboard.

  • You need Registration Add to your GoDaddy account and select sites.
  • Choose next backups.
  • Choose now Restore the backup.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll quickly restore your website.

Overview – GoDaddy Pro Plus Dashboard

Now let us describe the GoDaddy Pro Plus dashboard to you. This dashboard is extremely helpful in managing all your customers and their needs.

On the left side you will find the navigation bar with options like Home, Overview, Sites, Clients, Add-ons, Benefits and Exit. On the Home tab, you can see recent activity, website activity, customer activity, and benefits all at once to compare and track your growth.

The other included tabs, such as B. Overview, give you an overview of all your backups, security, performance, link engine, uptime, status, plugins, themes, wordpress, etc.

In our experience, the dashboard provided by GoDaddy Pro Plus is relatively easy to use. Even if you are a beginner, it is very beginner-friendly and will help you understand each and every point quickly.

GoDaddy Pro Plus Customer Support

In our experience, GoDaddy’s customer support is fast and helpful. And if you’re a GoDaddy Pro Plus member, it’s all the more convenient because you’re the priority.

However, in some countries telephone support may not be available 24 hours a day. However, if you’re comfortable chatting and don’t prefer a real human, you always have the option to select the chat section at the bottom right.

GoDaddy Pro Plus pricing and plans

GoDaddy offers different plans for services such as managed Woocommerce hosting, web hosting, email marketing, dedicated servers, SSL, VPS hosting, etc.

GoDaddy Pro Plus price

If you are planning to buy a plan like Managed WordPress Pro, Managed Woocommerce Shops or Managed VPS Hosting, you will have to pay between around $6.05 and $21.82.

How do I earn GoDaddy Pro membership points and rewards?

We’ve already mentioned how you can earn points and rewards for GoDaddy Pro members. The easiest way would be to earn 5 points for every dollar you or your customer spends on an eligible purchase.

Even if your customers buy the product in their cart and you purchase a GoDaddy Pro account using your or your customer’s payment method. Visit the GoDaddy website for more information and support.

Alternatives to GoDaddy Pro Plus and how they compare

Here we have a list of alternatives to GoDaddy. We ranked these alternatives by price, tools, customer service, performance, and speed.

  • Overall the best

    Hostinger logo


    • Hostinger is a well-known brand for website hosting. It offers many services at a relatively affordable price. Get an additional 7% discount with the coupon code ”SAVE BIG“.
  • Best for beginners

    Voucher with Hostgator logo


    • Fast and resourceful, HostGator is a potential GoDaddy alternative. Receive Flat 60% discount with Hostgator coupon codes [100% Working & Verified]
  • Most features

    Bluehost Logo Coupon


    • Bluehost is great for beginners and won’t confuse them even if they know little about hosting. Save on computer Up to 70% discount on Bluehost hosting plans

FAQs: Godaddy Pro Plus

Is GoDaddy Pro free?

We wouldn’t say GoDaddy Pro is free like you are In order to reach this level, points must be accumulated, which requires a certain investment. However, you have to buy the plans, which means they are not free.

How do I get more GoDaddy Pro Plus points?

You can earn points by making purchases using your payment methods or those of your customers.

Redeem my GoDaddy Pro rewards points for in-store credit.

To redeem your GoDaddy Pro rewards points for in-store credit, go to the GoDaddy product page and select GoDaddy Pro. Also select the benefits on the left. Now select the “Points overview” section and finally “Redeem”.

What is the GoDaddy Pro Rewards program?

With the GoDaddy Pro Rewards program, you earn points for every dollar you spend. You can find these rewards in the “Benefits” section where you have another tab called “Benefits”. Reward. Here you can see the rewards you received while working on your website.

What is GoDaddy ProHub?

GoDaddy Pro Hub gives you access to various features of GoDaddy Pro from one interface, making your work smooth and easier to manage even if you have many clients and projects.

How do I upgrade to GoDaddy Pro?

To upgrade to the GoDaddy Pro plan, you must log into your GoDaddy account. Signing up with GoDaddy is relatively easy. Look for “Edit Plan” in the menu. Also, follow the on-screen instructions and your plan will be updated.

Should you consider using GoDaddy Pro or Godaddy Pro Plus?

It depends on the needs you have for your website and brand. GoDaddy Pro Plus is the better option if you want to manage more clients and enjoy advanced features.

How much does GoDaddy cost in rupees?

The price depends on your chosen plan and can be Rs. 119 or even thousands. However, it’s affordable.

Conclusion: Godaddy Pro Plus

Now let’s summarize this article on what is GoDaddy Pro Plus. We looked at the different aspects of this platform. With GoDaddy Pro websites, you can grow online quickly without even having to empty your pockets.

We also looked at how easy the GoDaddy Pro dashboard is and how even a beginner can progress tremendously. In our experience, GoDaddy is a good platform for those who don’t have a big budget but have big dreams. Even if you are a beginner, this is the perfect platform to get started.

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