Nginx vs Apache: Which is Better for CPanel Hosting?

Our customers have often asked me what the differences are between Nginx and Apache.

Web server and why cPanel doesn’t provide Nginx with its package and most third party modules for it don’t work properly.

At this time, these are the two most popular and widely used open source web server software, running 75% of the websites and applications on the web.

First, let’s discuss which web server is a better fit for your needs and better understand the Nginx server.

We’ve been in the web hosting industry since 2011, serving thousands of VPS and dedicated server customers, most of whom have a different type of server usage.

Some of these use personal websites and some of their clients, so it is a big challenge for us to decide which web server is right for them.

LiteSpeed ​​on Apache?

Web hosting companies don’t really prefer Nginx Proxy as it isn’t natively supported by cPanel and therefore you wouldn’t get any support from them either.

However, there is a solution that can increase your server’s speed even more than a proxy server.

Nginx is highly recommended for you to use a LiteSpeed ​​web server on a budget, and you also get full support from cPanel and the LiteSpeed ​​team.

Our GoogieHost servers are LiteSpeed ​​​​equipped and capable of handling thousands of accounts on Xeon E5 8-core processors. Here is the result of the request processing comparison

Not only we use LSWS but also many other famous brands like LiquidWeb, KnownHost, SimpleServers, InterServer etc.

But yes, since LS comes with a core base license, you’re in for cheap web hosting solutions like. B. unable to find them.

GoDaddy web hosting plans or iPage hosting as they have no cPanel and structure to use such options.

What is Nginx?

In comparison, this is one of the best software to run your website on the web server after Apache

Apache web server then both have their own pros and cons, but still,

Connection processing type is the scenario why people use Nginx vs Apache and this can be compared with the following comparison parameter…

Best for cPanel Ngnix vs Apache?

cPanel itself doesn’t officially support Nginx with prepackaged configurations, however, there are some third-party modules that you can use to install and configure it with your cPanel/WHM server.

As we can see both have their own benefit structure and I believe if you run a web hosting company,

If you use the server to host more than one project, Apache is a reliable solution

However, if you need fast performance for a specific type of projects, there is currently no alternative to Nginx.

How do I install Nginx on a cPanel server?

As cPanel does not support this server app directly, two free options are available to get better performance from your cPanel server.

In some cases I’ve seen Digital Ocean 1GB Droplet handle over 1000 real-time traffic in dynamic delivery type

Nginx, while Apache slows down after 100 real-time traffic on the same specification of DO’s VPS hosting.

engineron: It’s a very commonly used and easy-to-integrate tool if you don’t want to have a lot of knowledge about handling Linux.

NginxCP: Another free module that, with a few simple tweaks, can increase your server’s performance by 5x.

Need support?

There is no support option for both modules as they are 100% free

GPL license and you need to ask your sysadmin to set it up for you or purchase Nginx based VPS

Affordable price dedicated servers from, our own brand.

Final words: Which is the best?

The answer is LiteSpeed! I say this after 4 years of experience with all these three options available to improve your business

Server performance at a very lower cost. However, if you are not on a budget and have a good knowledge of Linux, Nginx is best for you.

Give it a try and let us know which one works best for you in the comments section.

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