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Data Security and Importance of Data Backup

Safe backup of dataenables users to access their old data when necessary and to keep the necessary data securely. Data securityare divided into safe storage and safe use. Secure storage refers to the protection of the memory infrastructure in which data is recorded. Thanks to this protection, only the authorized person can access the stored data. However, some viruses and malicious software can access information that they cannot access during storage when the user recalls the information. For this reason, not only safe storage but also safe use is important.

Why Is Data Security Important?

The importance of data securitycan change level according to what data is stored. However, even if there is a situation such as your site’s traffic table, then you need to make sure that no one but you can access your data. Damage to data security, which causes undesirable situations such as cyber attacks, violations of privacy, can reach companies’ e-mails. The damages of failure to provide data security can be listed as follows:

  • Of the sites without data security could not take advantage of important business opportunities.
  • 1/3 of the companies that have experienced security breaches have experienced major financial losses.
  • Of the companies that could not provide data security experienced huge reputation losses in the media.
  • All companies that do not back up data have lost data at least once due to device errors.
  • Firms that do not back up data safely suffered financial damage at least once due to user error.
  • Sites that do not provide data security have suffered major or minor financial damage and customer losses.

Malware and Data Security

Protecting data from malwareis possible with healthy data backup processes. Malware that can be damaged by data is collected under 2 headings:

  • Ransomware outbreaks: Also known as hackers. You can be sure that there is a person in front of you. Copies the information to itself via backup. Loss of information does not occur on your site. Therefore, applications that violate data security and privacy without causing data loss. Antivirus software can protect you against such applications.
  • Viruses: You are not a human, but a computer program. The most common are Trojans. It can cause data incompleteness, loss, system breaches, and actions you didn’t do on your system. This type of software can be dealt with with antivirus programs. However, the antivirus program must be up-to-date and have a high model.

Disasters and Data Security

Protection of data security in unexpected situations Necessary software should be used and backups should be made. In unexpected situations, sudden device failures, disasters and theft may occur. Data security In these threatening situations, users’ data can be completely deleted or fall into bad hands. For this reason, regular backups and devices must be protected using passwords.

How to Ensure Healthy Data Security?

Actions to be taken to ensure data securityis as follows:

  • Keep copies of important files on hard drives.
  • Put a separate password for each file. Do not include personal information in the device’s power-on password.
  • Make regular encrypted backups.
  • Choose file copy areas from easily accessible but encrypted devices. Use devices such as USB memory, disk. Set a separate password for each copying device.
  • Instruct regular weekly backups. Have the drive you use backs up information automatically.
  • Use Google Drive and email copy fields and put passwords in them.
  • Remove double backup. Data security If you copied important files to a USB at work, take it to your home with another USB in case of theft.

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