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Network devices is the backbone of a company or institution. Therefore, the security and healthy operation of the relevant network devices is important.

with network devices switch, router etc. Devices should be routinely maintained and checked.

Although cyber attacks are at the forefront in today’s life, the biggest risk is physical attacks. That’s why we need to get physical security first and make sure that the devices are in safe zones, and the relevant configurations are done.

The other issue is that the devices may malfunction due to excessive heat and humidity as they overheat, and interruptions may occur due to the malfunction. That’s why routine checks and maintenance are important. If our devices are located in the cabinet, the fans above the cabinet and under the cabinet, if any, should be checked.

Electrical problems are another factor that causes the most damage to network devices. Fluctuations in electrical voltages, high voltages and frequent interruptions can cause devices to malfunction and become unusable. Based on this, if there are devices, it will be healthier to be connected to UPS.

Wiring is also important. Irregular wiring can also damage devices.

As seen above, it is seen how the wiring should not be and how it should be. You may experience a heating problem as the cable mess will keep the heat that will come out of the devices. In the meantime, labeling can also come into play. Each cable must have a label on it. Labels that give basic information about where the cable comes from and where it goes should be made and order should be provided. This order and organization is important in order to take quick action against sudden developing problems.

We must update the software of the devices and ensure port security.”

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