BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Nedir?

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) The concept of word content is defined as border crossing protocol. It is a system that enables current decisions to be guided as a protocol executed over internet systems. BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Secure routing can be made with.

In addition to being a much more demanding process compared to other protocols used on systems, it provides an application form that requires processing with two different sub-protocols in terms of its use.

With this sub-protocol, known as IGP and EGP, steps are being created to ensure communications. As communication over IGP and then EGP communication is implemented sequentially.

What are the features of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)?

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) features It is known primarily as being safe. Thanks to its tough structure, it enables users to apply it safely and it is known that it is suitable for internet use thanks to this secure application while working.

This protocol, which provides a safe operation, is also known as slow routing in relation to this. The slowness of communication between protocols is also due to its compatibility with internet systems.

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Among its features, it also provides effective access to As number information. It is possible to make updates known as Update via this access. The targeted network can be easily reached through this information.

Which Tables Does BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Use?

Tables used by BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) They are tables primarily used for neighborhood devices. These tables provide the IP addresses to be neighbored via the nighboor command.

The BGP table, on the other hand, is known as the update table, but it enables the retrieval of update information of other neighboring devices. It is also possible to display this information on a single screen with the BGP table.

The third and last table is known as the IP routing table. With the data in this table, the most effective and best routes are determined and implemented and it is known to be a very functional table.

With these three tables, the BGP protocol provides a much easier examination of complex systems, as well as determining the number of existing autonomous systems for targets.

Why Use BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)?

Reasons to use BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) It is known as providing reliable communication over the internet. Thanks to the safe use of the protocol infrastructure, it is possible to control the data securely.

In addition to these, the fact that it is a system that enables the determination of routers for targets enables new and up-to-date routes to be determined as an alternative to inaccessible routes.

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) It continues its operations by determining a route through IP addresses. In addition, if there is an equal weight in the determined routes, a guidance can be made to local routes automatically.