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After almost a whole year of pandemic, we see that people continue to turn to mobile games for fun. Global trends in all types of players increased game time, session duration and in-game purchases is showing.

In this respect Turkey Google and local game company Game Factory Game Factory initiative for supporting the domestic game Booster program spends his life in Turkey. Game Factory Booster will support early stage mobile game initiatives to accelerate their way into world markets and provide them with the opportunity to receive the versatile trainings they need and to benefit from mentoring services.

the mobile gaming world in Turkey, the details of the program and influence in the world Murat Hero Game Factor Founding Partner and Google Developer Relations Program Manager Peace Yesugey we asked.

How did it affect Turkey Coronavirus global and mobile gaming ecosystem?

Murat Kahraman: During the pandemic process, we all had to spend more time in our homes than we did before. In this process, more mobile games have entered our lives instead of the activities that we could not perform. Globally in the first quarter of 2020 reports compared to previous years we saw a 30% increase in mobile game downloads. It’s all over the world and in Turkey has created an important momentum for the mobile gaming industry. The most important part of this rise for us was that we gained a new user base that had not played games before.

How do you see Turkey’s mobile gaming ecosystem? What is its position in the global conjuncture?

Murat Kahraman: Over the past two years, we have witnessed very important and huge sales of our game companies, as well as the rise of hyper-casual games, creating an important opportunity for our small independent studios. Recently, we can see more than one game produced in our country every day in the top charts.

These developments of our young and large talent pool was also able to gain access to resources beyond the reach of previous generations of them and so that Turkey has become one of the mobile gaming industry is currently the world’s attention.

If we look at 2021 and the future, what strategic steps should businesses take for the road to go in the gaming industry?

Murat Kahraman: This period is perhaps one of the luckiest times for the game industry. 2-3 years ago it was quite difficult to find resources for gaming initiatives. Entering the industry and achieving success required serious dedication. Thanks to the entrepreneurs who achieved this success in that period, today both the public and private sector’s view of gaming initiatives has changed considerably. Studios now have much more opportunities to find broadcasters or investors.

I believe that 2021 will be an important year in our country in order to step into more courageous and larger projects for gaming initiatives. We will be with our game initiatives in this process with the cooperation of Game Factory and Google.

Why do you think there is need for such a project in Turkey? Can you share the details of the project?

Barış Yesugey: With the Google and Game Factory Booster program, we will offer early-stage game initiatives the opportunity to receive the versatile trainings they need to open up to world markets and to benefit from mentoring services. We will be with our game studios in order to continue the momentum we have achieved in the country at the moment and to witness new and bigger success stories.

We invite the teams that already have a game project and team, who are confident to achieve success in the world market by developing it, to participate in this 6-month program so that they can reach their goals more accurately, faster and with more solid steps.

The teams that will participate in the training will have the opportunity to meet with publishers and investors and present their projects, as well as a special training program, mentoring opportunities from industry-leading experts and Google product credits.

Topics of the trainings will include a wide range of technical, visual, game design, and business strategy and management topics, such as game creation, publishing, scaling, and game studio management. To the details of the program from here available, applications will continue until December 14.

What do you think will be the benefits of those who participate in this acceleration?

Murat Kahraman: For us, the biggest benefit we will provide to the participants of the program is to ensure that the initiatives can reach the level they can reach in 6 months by spending years. Every enterprise has a learning process through trial and error, and sometimes the consequences of these mistakes can be severe. Thanks to our trainings and mentors, we aim to complete this learning process in the fastest way with the least mistakes.

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