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What is Social Media Editing?

Social Media Editor area It ensures that the works or content that is being produced within a certain institution or company are delivered to customers through social media channels. Social Media Editor It has become an important professional group as a field found in every sector.

For this reason, people who will be a Social Media Editor should know the flow within the company or institution very well and prepare content in this direction. At the same time, the mission and vision of the institution are very important in the prepared contents.

In addition to the production of content in Social Media accounts, the Social Media Editor determines which channel these contents will be delivered more effectively, so it is known that versatility is the basis of the profession.

What are the Social Media Editor’s Responsibilities?

Social Media editor’s responsibilities Although it varies according to the size of the company, it is listed as follows:

  • To produce content compatible with social media platforms
  • To ensure that the contents are shared regularly and simultaneously
  • To determine that the shared contents will not cause a negative image of the company image
  • To ensure that the desired message is delivered in the most effective way by using the correct language in the prepared contents.
  • To share as soon as possible by following new contents or products
  • If more than one social media channel is used, to support the joint management of these channels

Social Media Editor Those who will perform these duties are included in the job descriptions, but there are also expectations such as teamwork and selfless work.

How to Become a Social Media Editor?

Being a Social Media Editor There is no undergraduate program for Graduation from fields such as Marketing, Public Relations, Foreign Trade, which are known as related departments in universities, is determined as priority.

Apart from these fields, it is possible to work as a Social Media Editor if certain training plans related to social media are passed, in case of a different university degree.

Those who have worked in fields such as Social Media Supervisors before Social Media Editorship can be gradually transferred to editorship as they gain experience in this profession.

What is Social Media Editor Salaries?

Social Media Editor salaries varies according to the size of the company or institution being worked with. Professional experience can also be determinant for these salaries.

Those who want to work as a Social Media Editor must first work with experts to learn the job without high salary expectations, and if they gain sufficient experience, they should start jobs that offer higher salaries.

Social Media Editor It is known that the minimum level in salary ranges is the minimum wage, as it is a newly developing profession. However, the maximum value known as the ceiling varies on company basis and there are also editors working with very high salary amounts.

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