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SPF record, created to find out if existing mailing lists are real or fake. SPF record It is considered to pose a security threat for non-e-mails and these addresses are legally closed.

SPF registration is not only necessary for protecting individuals from a threat, but also for official institutions and organizations to protect their names in order to prevent malicious transactions with their own names.

When this record is created, it is not possible to open a new fake account on the existing name. Likewise, it can be easily learned from SPF records that an account has a fake identity.

Why is it Necessary to Create an SPF Record?

Need to create an SPF record It is primarily known as defining mail with IP address. If this definition is not made, the right to name can be held responsible for crimes committed via e-mail.

In order not to damage both the name owner and the party subject to the transaction due to fraudulent transactions, an SPF record must be created. In this way, it is possible to communicate only with defined addresses by preventing unsolicited e-mail addresses.

SPF record It includes a working order that enables the registration and listing of e-mails via DNS. Through DNS records, it is possible to have an idea about an e-mail address, and operations such as blocking or complaining can also be performed through this address.

How to Create an SPF Record?

Create an SPF record It is made differently for each address and for Google addresses, it is done through the admin panel. It is very easy to register from the DNS settings section in this panel.

Before registering for transactions made through DNS settings, the address should be updated in order to check the current status of the address and to perform a healthier operation.

After the update process is completed, the TXT record required for the SPF record should be created. The codes given for this record must be compatible with the address extension.

As the DNS update is done, after the relevant code is entered, attention should be paid to the save section. Confirmation of the registration must be waited for registration to be complete and accurate.

How to Use SPF Record?

Using SPF record It depends primarily on what purpose it will be used for. Creating an SPF record on behalf of an institution and searching for an SPF record of an institution are different procedures.

The process of the institution to protect its own name is known as the creation of SPF record and can be easily done with DNS settings through the admin panels of the relevant addresses.

In addition, if the task to be done is to understand whether an address has an SPF record or not, then it is necessary to enter the relevant e-mail address in full and search. SPF record e-mail addresses that are not available are blocked in this way, and possible threats can be easily prevented.

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