Knowledge Base | What is Asymmetric / Symmetric Ethernet?

The word asymmetric means asymmetrical, and the word symmetric means symmetrical.

Asymmetric and symmetrical terms are generally internet subway It is used more often for lines. To explain briefly, the upload and download speeds of the asymmetrical internet differ, while the upload and download speeds of the symmetrical internet are the same. For example;

Let’s say we have a 24Mbps internet connection to our house. When we check our internet speed, we can see values ​​close to 24Mbps of the download speed and a lower value of 3Mbps of the upload speed. So as a result, this is asymmetric internet since the two values ​​differ from each other.

If the internet speed value we use is the same for both download and upload, it is symmetrical internet.

There are also asymmetric and symmetric forms of encryption in network security. Asymmetric encryption systems use different encryption keys on both communication ends. Symmetric encryption systems use the same encryption key on both communication ends.

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