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What is CND (Content Delivery Network)? How does it work?

CND, study While conveying information about the CND, it is mentioned that the CND is the network system that directs the users who want to access a web platform to the servers located in the closest geographic area, enables them to receive service from this server, and that it operates through the content transmission system. CNDIt works by avoiding the thought of speeding websites. For example, Turkey is a source connected to the website and users located in the United States, is the CND service sites in the shortest time to reach the content they wish. If there is no CND operation, the access speed will decrease. CND users in different parts of the world work by sending files after connecting to the server closest to them.

What are the Advantages of CND Usage?

CND usage opportunities listed as follows:

  • The speed of the website increases with the compression, location and optimization technologies of the CND service provider.
  • Increasing the speed of the site, which is an important detail in SEO studies, ensures that it takes the first place in the search engine ranking results.
  • It prevents server-induced delays while data is being processed.
  • Thanks to its advanced security options, CND prevents effects such as spamming and DDoS attacks from reaching the web address.
  • It enables e-commerce sites to have a competitive edge.
  • With the visitor density that occurs on the e-commerce site discount days, CND ensures that the in-site transactions continue in a healthy way with optimization.

Offering such advantages CND It is possible to create web platforms that comply with SEO criteria.

What are the Types of CND?

CND types listed as follows:

  • Pull CND,
  • Push CND,
  • VoD Pull,

Among these CND types, the option that addresses the needs is used for web addresses.

What Should Be Considered In Choosing CND?

Things to consider when choosing CND The information about is listed as follows:

  • CND variety offers DDoS protection,
  • Having the ability to customize,
  • Geographical filtering,
  • Provide cache control,
  • Memory Cache function and origin shiled,
  • support http / 2,
  • To be able to detect errors,
  • It should be noted that it can offer analysis and notification features.

By paying attention to these details, advantageous conditions regarding the use of the website are used.

Which are the Most Preferred CND Companies?

Most selected CND companies listed as follows:

  • Akamai,
  • Amazon CloudFront,
  • Broadpeak,
  • CacheFly,
  • CND77,
  • NET,
  • CloudFlare,
  • GoGrid,
  • Microsoft Azure,
  • MaxCND,
  • XCND,

These formations are the most preferred CND companies.

What is a CND Provider?

CND providersare organizations that are located in more than one number in many countries and undertake the task of minimizing network delays of users with the servers they host. They prevent delays on distributed servers and certain sites. CND providers try to consolidate and reduce costs by providing CND services to more than one website on the same server. They allow websites to be protected from the service fees they will pay to major resource centers.

How to Use Free CND?

Using CND for free The steps followed are as follows:

  • From the Internet is entered.
  • Click on the “create account” option from the page that opens.
  • A new password and e-mail address is written on the incoming table and the “save” box is clicked.
  • Click on “add site” option from the top area of ​​the new window.
  • The full address of the website is written on the blank space and the “next” box is clicked.
  • Select the preferred speed booster plan level headings reflected on the screen and click the “confirm plan” box.
  • Click on “continue” and then “save” on the DNS query results window that opens.

Free at the end of these steps CND Thanks to it, it becomes possible to benefit from all the advantages that the website will gain without any extra action. Accessing the website increases the speed.

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