What is Cloudflare? What are the Features of Clouflare?

What is Cloudflare? What are the Features of Clouflare?

Cloudflare firmis known for providing effective service in terms of fast opening and high performance of internet pages, which are very important for website owners. Cloudflare company, known as a very popular company in the web world, is also effective in maximizing the security level of the website by checking the status of internet users who visit the website. Cloudflare You can find all the details about its usage and features in the rest of our article.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare companyis a web software company headquartered in the United States. Cloudflare produces professional solutions for companies or individual users who need websites on security, DDoS, content distribution, domain name and server issues. The Cloudflare system, which enables your website to be presented to internet visitors securely and the content on your site to be published quickly, is known for its ability to speed up the website by 30% thanks to its cache feature. In addition, this service, which has the feature of protecting your website at a high level against cyber attacks, is mostly used on the websites of companies operating in the field of e-commerce.

How to Use Cloudflare?

Using the Cloudflare system it is quite simple. In order to benefit from the professional services of this USA-based company, you must first register to the system and select the product you need through this system, that is, the product you will use on your website. After choosing the service you prefer for your website from among the Cloudflare packages, it is enough to replace the DNS offered to you by this company with the DNS in your site’s domain address. If you complete this process, your website is protected by the Cloudflare system. In addition, the features of the services you prefer in the system are immediately activated on your website.

What Features Does Cloudflare Have?

Cloudflare features It has become a very popular software in the web world. Cloudflare is very popular, especially in e-commerce, news, media and corporate promotional websites. This software, which prevents sites from collapsing due to heavy traffic, is also preferred due to its contribution to SEO studies. Cloudflare system, which protects your website against all cyber attacks applied by different methods, prevents the stealing of both your data on your website and the information of the people visiting your site.

In addition, you can also apply bypass operations to your website by taking advantage of Cloudflare-based services that you will choose according to the needs of your business. Thanks to Cloudflare bypass, you can easily identify the real IP addresses of the people who reach your website. At the same time, you can easily perform DNS resolution operations thanks to the Cloudflare resolver service, which is one of the important parts of the system. With the Cloudflare resolver feature, which is frequently used by e-commerce sites in the web world, you can convert your DNS settings to IP and maximize your site’s domain activity.

What Does Cloudflare DNS Service Do?

DNS service in Cloudflare systemis one of the most preferred professional services of the company. DNS addresses provided by Cloudflare company have the ability to be used on all computers, smartphones, tablets and game consoles. Thus, your website can be opened extremely quickly with the support of Cloudflare thanks to DNS addresses that increase web connection quality and speed up internet access.

You can benefit from the functional services of the Cloudflare system so that your website is superior to its competitors and at the same time provides a satisfying visitor experience. Providing the CDN service, also known as content distribution CloudflareWith this feature, it is effective in maximizing the speed of the site as it enables the selection of the closest server to the visitors while the content is being published on the website.




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