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What is a Phishing Attack?

Phishing Attack It is among the earliest internet attacks, also known as phishing attacks, literally. The way these attacks are implemented is via e-mail.

These viruses, which are included in fake e-mails such as gifts or discounts sent to e-mail accounts, may lock the usage of the content of the devices by opening the e-mails.

At the same time, with the phishing attack, access to the credentials in the devices is provided. Users are left in a difficult situation by providing access to different bank accounts through these credentials.

Within the scope of this attack, at the same time, a title is created as if the mails sent are sent from official institutions or organizations, and credibility is provided by using the information of the people on social media.

What are Vishing Attacks?

Vishing attacks phishing attacks are carried out on mobile phones. In these attacks, a clear target is determined and the targeted information can be accessed. Therefore, it can have more destructive effects.

At the same time with Vishing attacks, emotional abuse is also made against users in order to obtain targeted information. Different fraud scenarios are reported by phone calls in order to obtain the requested information.

While these attacks are carried out, a scenario is created in a way that prevents users, known as victims, from understanding the attack. For this reason, many users may be exposed to attacks without realizing it.

Phishing Attack Although it is created with a similar content, it offers a more impressive scenario in terms of application, suggestions are made not to reply to unknown numbers or not to share information over the phone.

What is Spear Phishing?

Spear Phishing The attack is known as an attack on all employees of a company. In order to provide access to company information as well as the identity information of the employees, an attack is made by determining a target.

It is ensured that a convincing scenario is presented to the other party by obtaining the information of both the company and the employees through the resources that the attackers can access before performing this attack.

Most of the attacks that are carried out via e-mail sending are used as a name as if they are sent to each other by company employees, so the desired results can be obtained in most of the attacks.

What Should Be Done to Avoid Phishing Attacks?

What to do to avoid phishing attack primarily to provide information security on an individual basis. It is necessary to use secure infrastructures to prevent access to information, and it is important to choose protection programs against attacks in these infrastructures.

It is necessary to provide security within the network systems of companies as well as the importance of individual information security. For this reason, network security must be provided effectively by the informatics units of the companies.

Phishing Attack It also includes a psychological process. For this reason, it is possible to take precautions to protect data by gaining familiarity with possible new e-mail contents if you are informed about existing attacks.

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