What is VTP (Vlan Tunking Protocol)?

What is VTP (Vlan Tunking Protocol)?

VTP (Vlan Tunking Protokol) literally, it is called the Virtual Local Area Network Transfer Protocol. VTP (Vlan Tunking Protokol) It enables transfer between networks.

In addition to moving networks, this protocol enables operations such as adding or removing to the network administrator panel, allowing more than one network to be managed centrally.

It also provides the creation of the domain area within this protocol. In addition to this, it also provides an infrastructure that enables the exchange of packets with passwords over switchers for security purposes.

What Are VTP (Vlan Tunking Protocol) Operating Modes?

VTP (Vlan Tunking Protocol) operating modes This allows VLANs to be carried on a different switch and it is possible to handle these modes in three different ways:

  • It is possible to create a VLAN from the beginning or to delete the created VLAN in the switch works provided through Server Mode.
  • While it is not possible to share with a different switch via Transparent Mode, it is also possible to transfer information over VTP and VLAN.
  • Client Mode is known as a mode in which VLAN lists are received and information is transferred over these lists. Authorities to create or delete VLANs are not given through this mode.

The use of modes varies according to the current needs of the users, and it is possible to use different modes together.

What is VTP (Vlan Tunking Protocol) Configuration?

VTP (Vlan Tunking Protocol) configuration It is done on a Layer 3 switch. In the absence of this switch, connecting the router behind the existing switch is also sufficient for the application.

VTP (Vlan Tunking Protokol) Since it is possible to work on one of the modes in the application and transfer information over the switch, it is necessary to choose the appropriate switch for the applications.

It is necessary to write the codes required in the applications completely and to provide the necessary data transfer over these codes. Since there will be a different code writing for each mode, fixed codes must be determined.

The operating mode used for configuration is known as Server mode. Since it is possible to create and delete VLANs with this mode, the desired operations can be performed easily.

Why Use VTP (Vlan Tunking Protocol)?

VTP (Vlan Tunking Protokol) The reason for use is primarily the processes of providing network transfers. For this, connection points called trunk are used and thus transfers can be made over VLAN.

This protocol, which provides Virtual Local Area Network transfer, is preferred because it is a system where alternative applications are also used, as it enables a new VLAN to be opened or deleted.

VTP (Vlan Tunking Protokol) With this, it is possible to easily add and remove operations via the admin panels, and besides, it is preferred by people working in this field as it facilitates the safe transfer of information during transport operations.

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